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TNA Bound for Glory 2016 preview: The Undercard

TNA’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) goes down tomorrow night (Oct. 2, 2016) and that means it’s time to look at all the matches that will be coming our way. Here, we are going to outline the undercard, or in this case, really the non-title matches.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs. Moose

This is the biggest match that doesn’t involve a title tonight. Mike Bennett has been a major player since he and his wife Maria arrived into TNA. Moose is clearly positioned to be one as well.

Their feud started months back when the Miracle felt that management (Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan) had an agenda specifically set to screw over the first family of professional wrestling. Because of this, he felt he needed to enlist some help in his battle against the higher ups. So he picked up the phone and called his former Ring of Honor colleague Moose and brought him on board. Moose immediately made an impact interrupting a title vs. title match between TNA champion Bobby Lashley and X Division champion Eddie Edwards.

The partnership between Moose and Bennett was strong at first, those two working as a good team to help advance Bennett when needed to. And therein lies the focal point of the issues: It was always just about Mike Bennett.

That started to become clearer and clearer in instances where Bennett would talk to Moose like a subordinate or when Moose would come to the ring for a single’s match to the Miracle’s music (denying us that sweet Moose entrant music). There was a time they tagged together against EC3 and Eddie Edwards and Moose did all the work, Bennett tagged in, picked up the pin, and celebrated like he did the whole thing.

But the issues really blew up when both men found themselves as the final four participants in a battle royal to crown a #1 contender for Lashley’s TNA title. And while Moose was taking care of Eddie Edwards, Bennett snuck up behind and eliminated him to win. And Moose was not happy.

The next week, the Miracle was hoping Moose was still on his side and instucted him to help him with the TNA title against Lashley. However, during the match, when Bennett instructed Moose to hand him a lead pipe to use against Lashley, Moose denied the request. This resulted in Bennett’s defeat. Post match, he demanded Moose get into the ring and he ran him down as a failed football player and slapped him.

Of course, that was going to be too much for the big man to tolerate and he laid out Bennett with a massive lariat, effectively ending their business partnership.

From there, the Bound for Glory showdown was inevitable. Management, the same management that Bennett brought Moose on to fight, officially signed Moose to TNA. And since leaving the shadow of Bennett, Moose has flourished. He has stood toe to toe with the dominant TNA champion Bobby Lashley and looked strong doing so.

However, before focusing on the TNA championship or Bobby Lashley (or both depending who wins the main event), he will need to contend with the extremely crafty Mike Bennett. The Miracle may be a bombastic ahole, but he’s won who has only been pinned by one man in TNA.

Eddie Edwards vs. Aron Rex for the Grand Championship

This was originally supposed to be Drew Galloway vs. Aron, and there were issues between the two men that were going to boil over as they battled for the new title. But because of an injury sustained by Galloway, he’ll have to sit this one out. Eddie Edwards, the man that Galloway defeated to make the finals of the tournament for the title, will take his place. And with that, this match becomes solely about the new champion and their new rules. So let’s take a look at those rules.

The Grand Championship has more of an MMA format. It consists of three 3-minute rounds. There are three judges who score a winner based on factors like aggression and total offense.

A competitor can win by either winning 2 out of 3 rounds by judges decision or via pinfall or submission at any time. While count out/disqualification hasn’t come up yet, I would bet they would end a match like a pinfall or submission would.

The format has been interesting thus far and by no means a failure. The judges need to make more sense in their scoring because there have been rounds that one competitor has outright dominated and one judge will rule in favor for the other man for no reason. But there’s different psychology that can be employed with one man trying to play a prevent defense or the other needing to pick up a pinfall to win within 3 minutes that opens up different avenues.

This also could very well be Aron Rex’s (formerly Damien Sandow) first singles title win not only in TNA but on a televised wrestling promotion in general.

Bound for Gold Battle Royal

This is the second annual Bound for Gold match. This is a battle royal where the winner earns a future shot at the TNA heavyweight championship. (Last year, they played it as the person who wins can give the champion a week’s notice, but that’s likely not a hard and fast rule.)

This is the “get everyone on the card” match. Officially announced has been Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Tyrus, Baron Dax, Grado, Jessie Godderz, Basile Baraka, Mahabali Shera, and Eli Drake.

In that field, Eli Drake, who’s had himself a terrific year, looks like the head on favorite. However, Cody Rhodes is also without a match and it is entirely possible he shows up in this match. That’s not any where near official though. If the grandson of a plumber has a one on one match or just cuts a promo, that would leave Drake as a clear favorite.

Those are the undercard matches as of now. Stay tuned as we cover the three big title matches tomorrow!