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TNA Bound for Glory 2016 Predictions: EC3 vs. Lashley, Broken Hardys vs. Decay, & more!

It looks like Bound for Glory is a go for tomorrow and unless we hear otherwise, we here at Cageside Seats are going to bring you all the BFG coverage, starting with our predictions!

Alongside myself, we’ve got Cageside’s #2 Sean Rueter, Cageside Director of Movez ReverendKain, and one half of the Not Your Demographic podcast "Stunning" Stella Cheeks!

ReverendKain and Stella made their predictions prior to Drew Galloway’s injury announcement, so take into account what they have to say about that match, but not their picks.

Let’s get to it!

EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley (c) for the TNA championship

Kyle Decker: EC3 should win this, but just with the way they’ve been booking it as of late, I think it’s going to be Lashley. The last few weeks, the focus has been on Lashley and Moose instead of Lashley and EC3. Sure, EC3 can win and then Lashley can turn and feud with Moose, but right now, they are building Moose as the one guy who can stand toe to toe with the champ, which wouldn’t be as impressive if he’s already lost to EC3.

Pick: Bobby Lashley

Sean Rueter: Lashley’s proven he could be a great heel champ for a long time, and I haven’t seen much from the build to indicate a title change is happening. But if we go with the "BFG is TNA’s WrestleMania" theory, maybe they want a babyface (and character they created) to stand tall.

Pick: EC3

ReverendKain: Lashley's so good at this insufferable better-than-you heel champion character that I don't want to see him lose the title anytime soon. And while EC3 is absolutely deserving of another title reign, I don't think it's happening here.

Pick: Bobby Lashley

Stella Cheeks: Let me start by saying I am extremely depressed by all this TNA news, because I truly love TNA. I need Broken Brilliance, Ass Kicking Machines & tall brooding Scots in my life ever week.

Lashley has been doing some of his best work in years, both as an in ring performer and as a promo. If he loses I’m not exactly sure what comes next for him. On the other hand, EC3 is the golden boy of TNA, the ass kicking machine. If anyone can dethrone Lashley I think it’s EC3. However, EC3 is also a great chameleon. I think he can do great things outside of the title picture. With all that in mind I’m calling Lashley to win, but with some interference. It is no holds barred after all.

Pick: Bobby Lashley

The Broken Hardys vs. Decay (c) for the TNA tag team championships

Kyle Decker: The Broken Hardys are super over, in fact they are so over to the point that they don’t need to carry around the tag title props to prove it. Decay could use the titles to keep them shining at the top of the tag division. Plus, the Decay has shown they can play in Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe but also have regular feuds with other tag teams. I can’t imagine a team like the Wolves would fit as well in Matt and Jeff’s wild world.

Pick: The Decay

Sean Rueter: Could see this going either way, which is an unsung facet of the Broken gimmick - he can lose, add some more crazy $#!+ the seven dieties or his reincarnated zoo animals told him and proceed apace. I’m curious as hell to see what it looks like while he and his platoon hold some gold though, and I don’t think Rosemary’s boys are hurt too much with a loss (nor do I think these teams are done with each other, either way).

Pick: The reformed spot monkeys

ReverendKain: Can I just pick "Us, the fans"? Broken Matt's brilliance continues to be one of the best things about the show, and honestly the outcome is less important than seeing where he goes next. But vengeance must be had, and the seven deities sent me a premonition...

Pick: The Hardyz

Stella Cheeks: Is this an actual in ring match or a Final Deletion style video package? I hope it’s both. I really enjoyed how they used both in Road to Glory, because gods know I love the Final Deletion, but I also, you know, like to watch actual wrestling. Broken Hardys have to win, mostly because I love watching Rosemary throw scary temper tantrums, but also it’s a good way to extend this story line. If we think Decay is scary now, what are they like when they lose their gold? I expect this to be bloody, violent, and super weird. I never want this feud to stop, just to keep evolving into more madness and weird mouth noises.

Pick: The Broken Hardys

Gail Kim vs. Maria (c) for the Knockouts championship

Kyle Decker: Storyline wise, there are much more creative possibilities with Maria as the mega heel champion who does everything she can to win. However, with Gail Kim going into the Hall of Fame this weekend, I think she wins the Knockouts title as well to crown a big weekend for a TNA stalwart.

Pick: Gail Kim

Sean Rueter: The fun here will be in seeing how Maria tries to connive her way out of getting her ass-kicked by the Hall of Famer. I hope she claims pregnancy again (see Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary show). Whatever route Mrs. Bennett chooses, Allie should kick her ass for it and throw her in to the new champ.

Pick: Gail Kim

ReverendKain: The real question here is what Allie does, right? That's what we're concerned with. I suspect, because TNA never misses a chance to put Gail Kim over, that Allie will end up costing Maria the match, intentionally or not.

Pick: Gail Kim

Stella Cheeks: I think Maria will use all the shady tactics in her arsenal, but Gail Kim is going to come out on top. She’s being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame that night. It just makes sense. I also think we get full face turn from Allie at BFG and we set up Maria and Allie.

Pick: Gail Kim

Moose vs. Mike Bennett

Kyle Decker: If I’m going with Moose vs. Lashley as the next feud, Moose has to beat Bennett here. And that works because Bennett can take a loss no problem and come out being the same bombastic, arrogant douche the next Impact not losing a step.

Pick: Moose

Sean Rueter: They’ve telegraphed a Moose/Lashley program, and that pretty much means the newer guy has to win. I can’t shake the feeling this is gonna end up being like Sami Zayn beating Kevin Owens at Battleground where the loser goes on to bigger things. Especially with Maria by his side, the Miracle keeps his heat no matter what.

Pick: Moose

ReverendKain: MOOSE! (pump) MOOSE! (pump) MOOSE! (pump)

Pick: Moose

Stella Cheeks: Honestly, I think Mike Bennett wins. The obvious choice is Moose, since they are obviously setting Moose up as this big bad ass that does what he wants. But Bennett is going to do what Bennett does best: Cheat, win & rub it in his opponent’s face.

Pick: Mike Bennett

Aron Rex vs. Eddie Edwards for the Grand Championship

Kyle Decker: I would have picked Drew Galloway if he was able to go, but since he’s not, I think it’s clear that Rex is going to win. Edwards was a last minute addition and TNA seems to be all in on Rex.

Pick: Aron Rex

Sean Rueter: Dang, I wanted to pick Drew. Instead, I’ll just point out how ironic it is that a sports entertainer (no offense meant to the former Mssr. Sandow, just calling it like I see it) will be the first person to hold TNA’s MMA-lite title.

Pick: Aron Rex

ReverendKain: Complicating matters here is that Drew Galloway is hurt enough that he might have to miss the show, but they've been pushing the erstwhile Damien Sandow so hard I feel like it was a foregone conclusion anyway. I just hope he stops with that half-speed rolling elbow, really.

Pick: Aron Rex

Stella Cheeks: Aron Rex. They want to put him over. He’s doing ok with the TNA crowd, but Rex Is not the most convincing babyface. The belt will hopefully help. I love what Drew is doing. He is literally the living embodiment of all my teenage fantasies (I had a thing for brooding Scots…) and is a great heel. He’ll be a sore loser and it will be fun to watch. I think this will be a really brutal, entertaining match. Hopefully we get some more character development for Rex.

Pick: Aron Rex

Bound for Gold battle royal to become number one contender to the TNA title

Kyle Decker: Asides from Eli Drake, no one announced for this match would make a believable number one contender (not that this dummy would have any problem with a Drake victory). Even Tyrus, who won last year, hasn’t been doing anything since breaking off from Matt Hardy. But then you have Cody Rhodes who needs something to do...

Pick: Cody Rhodes

Sean Rueter: If Cody isn’t here for long, there’s no need to put him in a title feud. And if the rumors are correct about a Bennett program, a jealous Miracle could run in and cost him this to set that up. Also don’t think this has to be the set-up for the next major World title feud. Could just be a between PPV one with some personal history. Like...

Pick: Rockstar Spud

ReverendKain: Cody is scheduled. Cody has no other likely matchups. TNA is TNA, and building a Cody Rhodes title shot for the tapings makes a good deal of sense no matter who's the world champion.

Pick: Cody Rhodes

Stella Cheeks: I guess Cody Rhodes? Because I don’t know who is in this match! Definitely Rhodes if he is in this match, if not….IDK, um Tyrus?

Pick: Cody Rhodes

That’s who we’ve got, Cagesiders! What are you picks?