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Bully Ray talks possible WWE return and re-signing with TNA

Bully Ray may have re-signed with TNA after a tense negotiation period but that doesn't mean he's ruling out a return to WWE sometime in the future when his new contract runs out.

Mike Kalasnik

With TNA having undergone a recent change in philosophy in regards to its business practices, mostly due to the need for the company to save money, a few high profile talents have left the company.

Names like Velvet Sky and Devon, the latter of which was the television champion when he failed to come to terms on a new deal.

Perhaps the highest profile name, at least relative to the rest of the roster, that was nearly gone was Bully Ray, who went through a reportedly tense negotiation period before finally reaching a new two-year deal. He's been heavily involved in the main storylines on the show, making it to the finals of the Bound for Glory Series and now teaming up with Sting to take on Aces and 8s at Bound for Glory.

Despite all this, Ray is maintaining the same approach he always has and he won't rule out a return to WWE.

From a recent interview with the Phoenix New Times:

"Pro wrestling is a business just like any other business, and you always go where the best opportunities and the best money is. So whenever it comes time to negotiate, I always leave myself open to make whatever the best decision is in my world, in my best interest. Sticking with TNA right now was in my best interest. When my contract is up with TNA, you never know. I might retire, I could end up with another company. You never know where you're going to end up and you never know if a company's gonna still want you around. So you always leave things open-ended. It's a smart move."

Indeed it is and really, this isn't a unique approach. But considering his new deal is reportedly for two years and he's already 41-years-old, it's highly unlikely WWE would be interested in bringing him back, especially for a singles run.

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