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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Oct.18): Kill it with fire!

TNA Impact Wrestling came to us live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida last night (Oct.18). Of course, it brought more drama between Aces and 8s and the TNA roster. Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy butted heads, while Sting wrestled Devon in the main event of the night.

TNA Impact Wrestling made their weekly appearance on our television sets last night (Oct. 18) and brought us more action from Aces and 8s. The main event ended up being Sting taking on Devon, while the group was discussed all night by Hulk Hogan and the rest of the roster.

Also, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy had a celebration, but Austin Aries crashed the party.

Let's get down to all of that and more in our reactions:

  • This is by far the most frustrating episode of Impact Wrestling I have seen yet. I was not there for the awful days of the past that seem to be stuff of pro wrestling lore, but I got in right when the company was becoming a great alternative to WWE programming. However, the train has come and gone and promptly derailed into a huge town, causing a path of destruction and sadness that cannot be undone. I flew the flag for this company for quite a while, but it seems like they like to spit in their fans faces by seemingly aiming directly at their own foot with their gun. Simply put, I am done with this company as an interested viewer.
  • The show kicked off and ended with Aces and 8s. The group demonstrated their power of having freedom in the Impact Wrestling Zone by walking into the ring. Then, Sting and the TNA roster confronted the group. Hulk Hogan came out with a bat and told the group that if they wanted to stay in the Impact Wrestling Zone, they'd have to be more willing to fight. He told Devon that if he didn't fight Sting tonight, he might as well leave. If anyone could logically explain this to me and make me understand, I'd appreciate it. Please someone make this mean something of substance.
  • In the main event, Devon wrestled Sting. It was what you'd expect wrestling-wise, with nothing great coming from it. Then, of course, the show ended with a ring-clearing brawl! And, of course, Bully Ray came down with a baseball bat to clear out the entire group. It seems that Bully's teaming with Sting and Hogan has given him a bit of their invincibility and he now has permission to clear out a gang of 10+ all by himself.
  • The other main point of this show was Jeff Hardy's celebration. He came to the ring with his gawdawful belt that has his face on it. Austin Aries tried to make the segment interesting by bringing balloons and cookies to the ring, but he seems to be a really stale brand of CM Punk Lite. Anyway, he spat on Hardy's belt, saying the belt had a spitting image of Hardy on it (feel free to slap your knees, folks). Hardy punched him and Aries escaped, but I still want to root for Aries here.
  • James Storm and Bobby Roode had a confrontation that really was pointless. I guess it was to establish that the two still have unfinished business for some reason. Storm laid out Roode with a Superkick and that was that. Not bad, but nothing we haven't seen a million times over.
  • Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to earn a spot in next week's Championship Thursday consideration to wrestle Jeff Hardy for the TNA title. The other three contenders are Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and James Storm. The real kicker here came after the match, when Angle tried to shake hands with his former tag team partner, but Styles just left. Love both of these men inside the ring, but being on TNA's mid-card really makes this irrelevant.
  • Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez wrestled Gunner and Kid Kash and won. Next.
  • ODB defeated Tara. She also has that Jessie/Jessy/Jesse guy from Big Brother still with her. ODB is having problems with Eric Young. Yep.
  • Samoa Joe retained his TV title against Robbie E. Cool.

I'd seriously alert you guys to not really touch TNA at this point. Pro wrestling is in a sad state as it is and this company is just tragic.

This show earns an "F" from me.

What did you Cagesiders think of Impact Wrestling?

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