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TNA 'Bound for Glory' results and reactions from last night (Oct. 14): And your new world champion!

TNA Bound for Glory was live on pay-per-view last night (Oct. 14) and brought about a shocking twist in the Aces and 8s story. It also featured Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries fighting tooth and nail over the TNA world title. There was more action across the board, so check out the results from TNA's biggest show right here!

Photo via Impact Wrestling.

TNA Bound for Glory was live on pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Oct. 14) from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. The main event featured Jeff Hardy and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries squaring off for the belt, while other titles were fought for throughout the evening.

Of course, the other most important bout featured two members of Aces and 8s taking on Sting and Bully Ray.

Let's get right to it!

  • The main event match was Aries vs. Hardy. This had a mini-Punk/Cena vibe to it, as the grownup crowd was behind Aries, while the smaller kids and women in attendance went with Hardy. That said, the crowd was way more behind Aries. It was a solid match, but it wasn't one that was super memorable. Hardy was booed while mounting any offense and the crowd cheered for Aries. In the end, there will be a new sheriff in town as Hardy took home the strap. Not much to say here at all, but for TNA, that isn't too bad since it wasn't a major screwup. Just rather lackluster is all.
  • Aces and 8s fought Sting and Bully Ray. The end came when, after various other members of the group showed up, a member of Aces and 8s showed up in all black and put Bully right through the table. The group got the pinfall and will have control of the Impact Zone. Of course, Hogan came out and all four or five members charged at him on the ramp. Of course, Hogan took out the whole group, (and he didn't even have to wield a bat to do it) which begs why he didn't do that a long time ago, if he was so capable. Anywho, Hogan hulked-up on the all-black clothed member and unmasked him...revealing... wait for it... ... ... ... ...Devon. And the crow went mild. In a sense, this was pretty awesome because of everyone falling for the fake contract fallout of Devon. However, it is Devon, so there isn't much weight there. Not too bad, but the story still sucks overall.
  • James Storm and Bobby Roode were the best part of the night by leaps and bounds. These two put on a classic (by TNA standards, anyway) that featured both men sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment. Garbage cans, trashcan lids, steel chairs, thumbtacks, even a crutch from a fan! Words won't really do this one justice, so go back and find it if you can...spoiler: Storm pins Roode after bloody brawl.
  • Another solid match was The World Tag Team Champions of the World (TWTTCOTW) taking on Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez and Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. The action kept coming and coming and ended with Guerrero and Hernandez coming out on top. Beats me as to why they'd pick them to take it over two teams that are way more over, but good stuff nonetheless.
  • Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts title. Pretty boring match. After the match, Tara brought out some dude who was on Big Brother's tenth season who signed a developmental deal with TNA? That was her Hollywood boyfriend? I guess we'll see how much we hate this after a while.
  • RVD defeated Zema Ion for the X Division title. Pretty fun match that showed that RVD can still have some good stuff when he wants to and that Ion is a damn good wrestler. I was a bit surprised to see RVD go over here, but good for him, I guess. He's more over than Ion and gets good nostalgia pops every time he comes out. Considering the X Division pretty much consists of him and Ion, we'll see if this opens any doors.
  • Samoa Joe defeated Magnus to retain his TV title. Nothing bad here at all, but like most everything on this card, it was hard to care about. Magnus has a lot of potential and Joe is still Joe, so it is worth a gander.
  • Joey Ryan defeated Al Snow after getting punished for a stretch of time. He ended winning...with help from Matt Morgan? A Carbon Footprint laid out Snow and that got Ryan the victory. Ryan is a fun guy and I might like to see this bit develop before casting any bad judgment.
  • One final note here is that TNA's match placement is atrocious. The X Division and TV titles kicked off the show respectively, then Roode and Storm's barnburner was third. It was followed by the Ryan/Snow match. After that, the great tag team match was featured, then followed by the Knockouts match. Finally, Aces and 8s and the TNA title closed out the show. No way the Knockouts should have been that high and no way Roode and Storm should have been that low.

It is still the same ridiculous product that TNA has been putting out lately, but this pay-per-view earned a "C-." Not the worst grade, but certainly far from the best. The great moments managed to make this event somewhat worth it.

Your thoughts on last night's Bound for Glory pay-per-view, Cagesiders?

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