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TNA 'Bound for Glory' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Oct. 14) from Phoenix

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Bound for Glory pay-per-view tonight (Oct. 14, 2012) from Phoenix, Arizona, featuring Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the heavyweight championship and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode.

TNA "Bound for Glory 2012" Official Poster |

TNA is all set to pop off with its Bound for Glory event tonight (Sun., Oct. 14, 2012) from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Bound for Glory below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a double main event pitting Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Heavyweight Championship and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a street fight with King Mo Lawal as special guest referee/enforced/guy who is there to suck up some heat.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy defeats Austin Aries to win the World Heavyweight title.
  • Aces and 8s defeats Bully Ray & Sting.
  • TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara defeats Miss Tessmacher to win the Knockouts title.
  • TNA Tag Team Championships: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez defeated Kurt Angle & AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to win the Tag Team titles.
  • Joey Ryan defeats Al Snow.
  • James Storm defeats Bobby Roode.
  • TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe defeats Magnus to retain the Television title.
  • TNA X Division Championship: RVD defeats Zema Ion to win the X Division title.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.


TNA X Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Ion with the hammerlock. RVD is able to throw him off.

Ion complaining about the hair pulling and RVD gives him something to complain about by pulling him down by his hair. He slams Ion's face into the turnbuckle and lands a head kick. Side kick after a springboard sends Ion outside to regroup.

Ion moves back in and gets the side headlock. RVD sends him off the ropes, but Ion backflips over RVD while he does the splits. Hits a dropkick. The two exchange counters and Ion goes off the corner with a corkscrew kick that gets him a nearfall.

Ion posing on the corner with the signature RVD pose, but RVD picks him up and crotches him on the top rope. RVD goes up top and kicks him to the outside.

Ion slowly gets in and shoulder blocks RVD's gut while on the apron. RVD gets mad and charges again, but gets the same treatment. Ion with a huge flying DDT. Nearfall. Ion hooks the leg again, but another nearfall.

Ion beating RVD down in the corner. He whips RVD into another corner, but runs into an elbow. RVD hops up top, but Ion sends him face-first into the steel barricade. Ion with a huge flip dive and he nails it, then lands on the barricade to taunt fans.

Ion back inside with a nearfall. Using more power offense to break RVD down. Choking him on the second rope. Stomps. Ion puts RVD belly-first into the corner and shoulder blocks the back. Turns RVD around by his ponytail and lands a chop. RVD reverses a whip and wants the monkey flip, but Ion falls to his back and RVD lands on his face in the corner.

Missile dropkick gets Ion a nearfall.

Ion still keeping RVD grounded. Puts RVD off the ropes and gets the abdominal stretch. RVD gets out and the two men exchange strikes. Ion sent into the ropes, elevated into the air, and RVD catches him with a dropkick.

Rolling Thunder lands. Five Star Frog Splash lands.

RVD gets the pinfall and the victory, making him the new X Division champ.


Borash talking to Magnus, asking him a question from Facebook. Fan asked if this was Magnus' biggest night in his career.

Magnus says it is everyone's biggest night and that "the Mag-daddy" will be winning the Television strap. He says Samoa Joe can't hide behind Hogan any longer.


TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

The two men look out to the crowd before starting.

Lockup and the two have a nice grappling exchange that ends in a stalemate.

Lockup again and Magnus puts Joe in the corner. Clean break and the action is still in the middle. Another lockup and Magnus puts Joe in the corner again. He is on the wrong end of a whip reversal and catches a splash from Joe. Joe with his pendulum kick in the corner.

Joe unloads with jabs before the ref breaks it up. Magnus reaches up behind the ref and decks Joe. Magnus with some uppercuts, but Joe with a huge chop. Joe goes off the ropes, but Magnus cracks him with a clothesline. Magnus works him in the corner, but Joe with jabs. Joe off the ropes, but Magnus leapfrogs then hits a flying knee.

Action stalls and Magnus chokes Joe on the second rope. Magnus off the ropes and hits a running elbow drop. He gets a nearfall.

Magnus with European uppercuts, but Joe fights back. Joe runs into a huge bodyslam from Magnus. Magnus puts Joe into the corner and tries a whip, but Joe reverses. Joe runs into the boot and eats an inverted atomic drop. Big boot and back splash gets Joe a nearfall.

Magnus countering and goes off the ropes, but powerslam by Joe. Joe with strikes and goes off the ropes. Magnus leapfrogs, but Joe powerbombs him into the mat for a nearfall. He turns it into an STO and Magnus crawling to the ropes. Joe turns it into a grounded abdominal stretch.

Magnus breaks it with the foot on the rope.

Magnus up top, but Joe with a chop to the chest. He goes up there with Magnus and sends him down to the apron with a headbutt. Magnus comes back with a huge flying knee that sends Joe to the mat. Flying elbow drop nearly gets Magnus the pin, but Joe barely kicks out.

Magnus trying to turn things in his favor, but Joe gets the choke. Magnus uses the corner to reverse it into a nearfall. Joe with the sleeper again, but Magnus with a jawbreaker. He goes for the figure-four leglock.

Joe brings him down. Rear naked choke in. Magnus taps!

Joe retains.


Bobby Roode with Jeremy Borash.

He says he will not stop at ending Storm's career tonight, whether or not King Mo gets in his face. He said he beat Storm at Lockdown and sent him home. He says he will do that permanently tonight.

Video package begins, chronicling the two feuding.


James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

"King" Mo Lawal out first.

The two stare down, then start the brawl. Storm with the forearm and in the corner. Keeping Roode grounded. Huge open-hand slap to Roode. Big back bodydrop on Roode. Storm charges Roode, but he gets back bodydropped to the outside. He trips Roode and spins him to boot him in the face.

Action on the outside now and Storm slamming Roode into the barricade, now the apron.

Roode gets control for a second, but him and Mo go into staring mode. Storm comes back with a clothesline. Slams Roode into a chair at ringside. Russian legsweep into the barricade by Storm. Storm was about to hit the Eye of the Storm onto the announce table (which looks to be glass), but Roode out with an elbow strike. Catapults Storm into the ring post.

Storm is busted open.

Roode throwing some weapons into the ring. He puts a trash can inside. He grabs a chair on the outside and puts it into the torso of Storm. He then cracks the back of Storm with the chair.

Storm sent inside and the crowd wants tables, but Roode rocking the kendo stick. Storm wobbly, but Roode busy putting the steel chair in between the turnbuckle. Storm with the kendo stick to the stomach of Roode, then hits him across the back.

Storm puts a trash can between the crotch of Roode and uses the kendo stick to slam it on the family jewels. Roode in big pain. Storm with a trashcan lid, but Roode tosses him to the outside. Roode with the actual trashcan while Storm is up on the ramp, but Storm with a shoulder block to the gut.

Roode up on the second rope and eats a rope-assisted DDT onto the stage. Ouch.

Storm gets handed a crutch by one of the fans and he uses it on Roode. Storm and Roode begin to exchange trashcan lid shots, which Storm gets the better of. He uses the trashcan to knock Roode out.

Storm trying to get more offense in, but Roode with a huge spinebuster on the ramp. Storm rolls to the ringside floor from the elevated ramp. Roode following Storm, but Roode gets cracked with a metal object. Storm grabs a beer and takes a beer bath.

Action moves to the announce table. Storm slams Roode's head into the announce table. Both men standing on top of it. Roode turns the tide and gets a double-leg right into the Spanish announce table, which was made of wood compared to the nice glass one Tenay and Taz have.

Roode back inside and gets a nearfall. He starts shoving around the referee and King Mo comes in. He shoves Roode right into a Codebreaker.

Last Call Superkick lands. Storm hooks the leg.

NO! Roode kicks out.

Storm in disbelief, but he wants another one. Storm's kick gets ducked under and Roode sends him into the steel chair that is wedged between the turnbuckle. Roode with the rollup and a handful of tights.

Storm still kicks out!

Roode puts Storm on the top. He heads outside to grab a weapon under the ring, but he can't find it. He gets a steel chair and cracks the back of Storm.

Now he gets what he wants.


Roode goes up top with Storm. Superplex on the way. Storm fighting out and sends Roode back onto the thumbtacks.

Storm with an elbow drop onto the thumbtacks. He covers and hooks the leg, but Roode kicks out!

Storm wants Roode up, but Roode with a low blow onto Storm. He goes outside and gets the six-pack of beer from under the ring. He takes a big swig once he gets in the ring and is about to crack Storm, but Storm gets the low blow. Storm takes the beer and cracks it right over the head of Bobby Roode.

Storm with the Last Call Superkick that sends Roode onto the thumbtacks. Pin and Storm gets the victory.

Wow. Brutal match, but absolutely fantastic work here.


Jeremy Borash with Joey Ryan.

Ryan says that he should have been handed a contract before he even competed on TNA Gut Check. He says that he became a trend on Twitter and 87% of the audience was behind him, but he still got told "no."

Ryan says that will change tonight when he wins and gets his contract. He says that Ryan has homefield advantage here in the west and that he will bring sleazy back.


Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

Snow walks down Ryan, but Ryan goes between the ropes to get the ref to break it up. Ryan staying there until Snow backs off.

Snow gets down in the amateur wrestling bottom position, reverses Ryan, and wrestles circles around Ryan. Ryan cowers into the corner. Snow takes the position again and catches a boot of Joey's. Ryan smacks Snow, but Snow smacks him a lot harder. Snow roughing Ryan up in the corner, but Ryan reverses.

Ryan gets a slap in the face once again.

Snow with elbows and a hip toss. Bodyslam by Snow. Runs off the ropes and an elbow drop. Side headlock takeover and Snow turns it into a crossface. Not it becomes a side headlock. Snow grabbing Ryan's hair and the referee admonishes him, but Ryan brings Snow back to the mat by his hair.

And Ryan rubbing himself as he plays to the camera.

Ryan with a suplex that gets him one on a nearfall. Ryan choking Snow with his boot in the corner. A punch to Snow in the corner. He shoulder blocks him in the corner, then whips Snow to the opposite corner.

Ryan still playing to the fans. Snow fights back with strikes, then gets a back bodydrop. Ryan slow to get up. Snow with the double overhooks and landing headbutts. Snow clawing the chest hair of Ryan.

Snow with his signature Snowplow. Ryan kicks out after being dropped on his head.

The crowd wants head and Al Snow is gonna give them some head.

He finds Head under the ring. The ref takes Head from Snow and Ryan shoves Snow into the referee, putting him down. Ryan dropkicks Snow to the outside.

And Ryan makes out with Head.

Ryan with a baseball slide and Snow puts him between the apron and the ring. Snow lighting up Ryan, who is trapped between the two. Snow going to get Head from the ring to attack Ryan with.

Matt Morgan comes in and lands the Carbon Footprint on Snow? What?

Ryan back inside and he hooks the leg. The ref comes to and counts. Ryan is your victory and Morgan and him shake hands.


Borash with TWTTCOTW.

Kazarian doesn't want anything to do with Twitter questions, saying it is all about people asking for follows and retweets. He goes on to explain how they will retain their titles.

Daniels says they are the straws that stir the drink and all of their opponents are green with envy like his drink of choice. Daniels says they will eat their opponents alive and wash it down with a beverage.


TNA Tag Team Championships: The World Tag Team Champions of the World (c) vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Guerrero and Styles in the ring, while Kaz and Daniels wait outside.

Guerrero and Style lock up. Guerrero gets the back, now Styles. Guerrero gets the side headlock. Shoulder block by Chavo. Chavo off the ropes, but Styles with the ankle pick takedown. Side headlock in for Styles. Shoulder block by Styles.

Angle is in. Angle with a kick to the ribs of Chavo. Angle stomping and working Chavo in the corner. Chavo fighting back, but Angle rakes the eyes. Bodyslam by Angle.

Daniels tags himself in on Angle.

And he is gone.

Chavo tags in Hernandez. Bearhug and some power offense. Guerrero tagged in with a leg drop from over the top. Hernandez back in and he unleashes more power offense.

Kaz tags himself in on Hernandez. AJ ends up getting the dropkick and Angle is tagged in. Side suplex on Kaz by Angle.

Chavo tags himself in on Angle. Chavo stomping a mudhole into Kaz. Chavo whips Kaz into his corner and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez with the backbreaker. Chavo back in. Snapmare by Hernandez and Chavo with a leg drop for a nearfall.

Kaz rakes the eyes and brings Daniels in. Daniels drives Chavo into the corner and Styles tags in. Daniels in the corner and Styles tries a splash, but no dice. Kaz with a clothesline from the apron. Daniels tags in Kaz and drops the elbow from the apron, then Kaz with a leg drop for a nearfall.

Daniels tags in and unleashed some offense on Styles, then tags out. Daniels hip tosses Kaz onto Styles for a nearfall. Kaz with a full nelson and Styles finally gets out. Styles in the corner and Kaz going for a monkey flip, but Styles lands on his feet. He almost gets tagged by Chavo or Hernandez, but gets out and hits the Pele.

Hog tags bring in Daniels and Angle. Angle clears house. Daniels gets one German. He gets two on Kaz, but Kaz gets near Daniels, who sunset flips in for a nearfall. He gets the third on Kaz.

Kaz up top after Daniels and him overwhelm Angle. Angle goes up top and hits a belly-to-belly that knocks out Daniels as well.

All chaos breaks out with numerous men running in and out. It leads to Styles eating an STO from Daniels. Hernandez sends Daniels outside. Hernandez with a suicide dive to Daniels.

Kaz up top and wants a headscissors takeover, but Hernandez powerbombs Kaz to the floor. Ouch.

Styles goes to the top and does a springboard flip dive to take out Hernandez, Kaz, and Angle.

Action moves back inside. Chavo looks for the Three Amigos on Angle, as Chavo is now the legal man, apparently. Angle with an Angle Slam. Angle goes up top, but Hernandez looking for something. Styles tags himself in and the team ends up getting a double suplex on Hernandez.

Kaz and Daniels in the ring with Styles, who gets put down with a cutter of some sort. Daniels with the Best Moonsault Ever, but only gets a nearfall.

Chavo up top now and crossbody on Kaz.

Daniels and Styles inside. Daniels wants Angle's Wings, but nothing doing. Reverse flying DDT by Styles.

Hernandez with a sneak tag. Battering ram and Border Drop. Chavo with a Frog Splash.

Hernandez gets the pin and Chavo and him are champs.

Christy Hemme talks to the new champs and they are hyped, but not much substance, just celebration.


TNA Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara

Stare down between the two.

Tessmacher with a crucifix rollup. Jackknife coverup. The two exchange nearfalls.

Airplane spin by Tessmacher.

Tara moves outside.

Uh, a bunch of shenanigans happen between the referee and Tara and Tara gets the baseball slide on Tessmacher on the outside. Tara with strikes and puts Tessmacher on her shoulders, dropping her face-first on the ring apron.

Back inside and Tara still using the power offense. Tara working Tessmacher in the corner, but Tessmacher gets a nearfall off a rollup. Tara with a Camel Clutch on Tessmacher and gets a nearfall. Tessmacher with a flying DDT to turn the tide. Tessmacher slamming Tara's face in the mat. Chop to the chest of Tara. Flying forearms by Tessmacher.

Tessmacher downs Tara and goes to the top, getting a headscissors takeover. Tess going for the side suplex, but Tara holds the rope to block it. She puts Tessmacher up top and follows, but Tessmacher pushes her down.

Tessmacher misses an elbow drop. Widow's Peak in and Tara hits it.

Tara wins the title.

Tara says that she did all of this for her sexy Hollywood boyfriend. She thanks him for inspiring him.

Some dude from Big Brother named Jessie or Jessy?

They make out as the crowd chants "who are you?"


TNA Hall of Fame recap.


Aces and 8s vs. Sting and Bully Ray

Joseph Park(s) is brought in by Aces and 8s.

For all intents and purposes, I will be calling one Grey and one Blue via colors of their jeans. Deal with me here.

Sting and Bully bring the fight to the outside. Bully going after Blue and Sting going after Grey.

Blue getting the better of Bully, while Grey gets the better of Sting. The two slamming the TNA stars into barricades and announce tables galore.

This is just a brawl, so there isn't really much that is changing.

Sting holds Grey and Bully with a flying elbow from the steps. Sting holds Grey and Bully cracks him with a piece of the Spanish announce table. Sting goes for a Stinger Splash on Grey after he whipped Bully into the steel steps, but he lands on the barricade.

Blue taking Sting on inside of the ring. Pummeling him from pillar to post.

Grey in. Clothesline by him gets a nearfall. Blue back in with a big boot to Sting for a nearfall. Grey in and Blue holds him to punch Sting in the ribs. Bodyslam by Grey. Elbow drop misses and Sting has new life. Scorpion Deathlock in on Grey.

And Blue breaks it.

Grey back in control, but he eats a Scorpion Deathdrop.

Bully in and Blue in. Clotheslines and punches by Bully. Cleaning house. Neckbreaker to Blue. Knocks Grey off the apron. Punch to Blue, but Blue whips him to the ropes and Grey puts his knee in the back. Double team by Aces and 8s, but Bully with a double clothesline. Bully splashes Grey for a nearfall.

Aces and 8s overwhelm Bully and Grey goes outside for a chair. Bully stops him back inside with a big boot.

Bully about to use the chair, but another member of Aces and 8s comes inside. He drops Bully and spits at Park(s). Park(s) breaks his handcuff to the guardrail and beating the extra Aces member.

In the ring, the tag team members of Aces and 8s start beating Sting and Bully. Bully sends Blue outside. Bully pulls Grey on his shoulders and Sting with the Doomsday Device. Blue comes in but gets cornered and eats a Stinger Splash.

Sting tells Bully to get the tables.

Bully sets the table up inside.

Grey pulls Sting to the outside.

Another member of Aces and 8s in and spinebusters Bully through the table.

Blue with the pinfall and victory for Aces and 8s. The group starting to put the boots Sting in the ring.

Hogan enters. He takes out every member of Aces and 8s as they meet him on the ramp. Surprising.

In the ring, the member who spinebustered Bully is getting Hulked up on. Big boot. He is about to get unmasked.

This member is...



Haha, just kidding, no one really cares.

Devon leaves with Aces and 8s and the group acts shocked inside the ring. Crowd is mixed with silence and boredom.

Pretty cool that we fell for the contract negotiations thing, though.

Crowd chants "THIS IS AWKWARD!"


Aries with Borash.

He says that all of this is just another chapter for him to be the greatest.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Aries locks up and puts Hardy in the corner. Hardy shoves him away.

Aries gets a hammerlock and drags it to the ground. Side headlock by Aries. Aries on his back and Hardy in Aries' guard. Hardy with a slap to Aries, who moves outside to regroup.

Both men back inside. Lockup again and Hardy pushes Aries into the corner. Aries shoves him away.

Action back to the middle again. Hardy opening with strikes and rams Aries into the turnbuckles. Aries with a side headlock takeover. Aries keeping a tight grip, but Hardy with the side headscissors. Aries bridging and into a headstand.

Action sways back and forth and Hardy bringing it to Aries. Hardy floats over in the corner and is sent to the apron, but Hardy with a shoulder block to Aries. Sunset flip gets nothing, as Aries gets a dropkick.

Aries puts Hardy down and takes a victory lap outside.

Action moves back inside after some jocking and a suplex by Hardy gets a nearfall. Hardy with a double sledgehammer from the apron after Aries moves outside to regroup. Hardy moving the steel steps and smashes Aries into the steps. He slams him into the barricade. Hardy going airborne on the steep steps with a splash on Aries.

Action moves inside and Hardy with a nearfall. Aries charges a cornered Hardy, but Hardy scoots out and tries the Whisper in the Wind, but misses. Elbow drop from the top by Aries gets a nearfall. Aries with knees and elbows to a seated Hardy for a nearfall.

Aries working Hardy in the corner, but Hardy puts Aries down. Splash from the top gets him knees in the gut by Aries for a nearfall. Backbreaker by Aries gets him another nearfall.

Aries now working a crucifix on Hardy. Aries rolls over and gets the nearfall.

Hardy down and out and Aries stomping. Thai kicks by Aries. Aries with a snapmare and missile dropkick to the back of the head of Hardy for a nearfall.

Aries wants a Brainbuster, but Hardy gets a sitout front suplex. Aries stops the onslaught with a corkscrew splash from the apron for a nearfall.

Aries with a front headlock in on Hardy. Hardy looking worse for wear. Aries wants the Last Chancery, but Hardy holds the leg. Hardy with a boot to the face off an Aries back bodydrop attempt. Hardy with an alley-oop that puts both men down.

Hardy with strikes, then the running forearm. Hardy sends Aries into the corner, but eats boots. Aries up top, but lands in an atomic drop. The legdrop to the balls and the dropkick gets Hardy a nearfall.

Hardy bouncing Aries around in the corners and hits the Whisper in the Wind for a nearfall. Hardy with a Twist of Fate attempt. Aries pushes him into the corner, but Hardy with a headscissors takeover to the outside. Hardy with a slingshot over, but lands on the barricade.

Aries uses this to hit his suicide dive.

Aries with another suicide dive, but gets a nearfall. Aries busted his eyebrow on the suicide dive attempt.

Aries gets the Last Chancery in. Hardy with the foot on the rope.

They go outside to the ramp. Aries wants a Brainbuster, but Hardy gets out. Both men collide after Aries tries to clothesline Hardy into the ring. Aries with a neckbreaker on the lip of the ramp that connects to the ring. Missile dropkick by Aries.

Hardy back in this and they exchange strikes. Aries going for the discus, but Hardy with the Twist of Fate. Nearfall.

Hardy up top, but Aries dives on the ropes and crotches Hardy. Aries goes up top and lands a huge hurricanrana. Running dropkick by Aries in the corner. Brainbuster lands. Nearfall!

Hardy in the Tree of Woe. Aries gets bulldogged. Twist of Fate. Swanton.

Hardy is the new champ!

Celebrating as we fade to black.


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