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No criminal charges coming in Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal

Surprise! No criminal charges are being filed in the Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal. But you probably already assumed that, didn't you?

Hulk Hogan is apparently pissed, livid that his life is ruined because someone -- who he still claims not to know -- released a sex tape that features Hulkamania running wild on Heather Clem, the ex-wife of his best friend Bubba The Love Sponge.

Gawker got a hold of it, posted it, and now jokesters like Hollywood Holland have endless amounts of material to work with for the next decade.

Hogan has now for some time that the sex tape was circulating, what with Vivid even offering to buy the rights to it -- apparently the owner of the adult film company is a big pro wrestling fan -- and distribute it with Hogan getting a big share of the profits. He resisted this from day one and always said if the tape got out, his lawyers would be on the case and criminal charges would be filed.

Well, it got out and criminal charges are not coming.

That's according to the Wrestling Observer, who notes the state's attorney came to the conclusion that, sorry, Hulk, a crime hasn't actually taken place here. Plus, the belief is that Hogan knew he was being taped or at least knew he could be being taped.

None of this is surprising, as rumors were already circulating that Hogan has been kayfabing the situation, claiming he doesn't know as much as he likely does. It's entirely possible he knew he was being taped and was fine with it because of the people involved, or he didn't know he was being taped and found out later and put the hammer down with legal threats.

Either way, the tape is out and there isn't much Hogan can do about it at this point.

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