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Ring of Honor parent company reportedly in talks with TNA

There have been various reports throughout the long, slow drama of TNA's search for new capital which stated multiple parties were negotiating with Dixie Carter as potential investors or buyers.

Much of the coverage has focused on Aroluxe, especially when Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet discovered their connection to Summit Strategic Investments (SSI). You can catch up on that via my colleague Keith Harris' coverage of it here.

A couple of stories making the rounds since then mention a different, very interesting potential bidder - Sinclair Broadcasting, the company which owns Ring of Honor (ROH).

PWTorch commented that Sinclair entered into talks with TNA when they purchased the Tennis Channel earlier this year. Sinclair owns numerous syndicated stations around the United States, but their planned conversion of the cable network into a 24 hour sports operation would require a tremendous amount of content. ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff has mentioned on occassion (including on the latest Ross Report podcast with Jim Ross) internal talks regarding expanding the weekly ROH TV from one to two hours, likely to help fill the needs of the channel they plan to re-name the American Sports Network.

One of the most valuable parts of TNA as a company right now is their tape library, which Sinclair could use on the new network. The Torch report says that Sinclair walked away from the table earlier this year because they didn't like what Dixie Carter was offering. They say a second offer was more appealing, and Sinclair is back in the mix, along with SSI, as a potential investor.

Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended) mentions Sinclair's interest in TNA, for the same reasons PWTorch mentions.

Neither report discusses whether or not Sinclair would continue to run TNA as a separate promotion, or fold them into ROH while running old shows on the American Sports Network. But there are a lot of interesting possibilities in play if this deal did come to pass, especially in the crossover happy world of pro wrestling these days.

Stay tuned.

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