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TNA Impact Preview (April 26, 2016): Let's Do It Again

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Once and awhile, TNA will run a more promoted edition of Impact in place of a monthly Pay Per View. They're often named after the PPVs they used to run monthly. That's what Impact tonight is. It's named after their old Sacrifice show and it will feature three title matches and one major grudge match, most of which have had some build for some time.

While it's not a title match, and it's a rematch of just a few weeks ago, the match that should get top billing is the Ethan Carter/Mike Bennett rematch. It's a match between two of the more promising young talent in TNA (alongside Drew Galloway and maybe Bram.) It also has the better build than most of the other matches tonight.

Carter and Bennett have been on a collision course since the Miracle debuted on Pop TV. Their feud was subtle at first with a couple back stage meetings. It really amped up when the Miracle attacked EC3 during a triple threat title match costing Carter a shot at the title. After a couple more incidents of costing Carter a chance at the championship, Ethan finally got himself a one on one match against Bennett.

EC3 seemed to have that match won at multiple points but after Maria Kanellis interfered numerous times to save her husband's hide, Carter had enough and attacked Bennett with a chair, which resulted in disqualification. This was fine for Bennett. He didn't want to face Carter in the first place. So a win of any sense was enough for him to say "I'm done. Let's move on."

Obviously, that wasn't enough for the Ass Kicking Machine, who wants to win a legitimate match against the Miracle. To do this, he sold a rematch to Bennett last week as the chance to be the person to do what no one else has: Pin or submit EC3. After a suspicious whisper into his ear from Maria, The Miracle accepted Carter's offer.

Now we have a meeting where there needs to be a winner. Either EC3 will overcome Bennett and Maria on the outside to finally put the Miracle away, giving him his first singles loss in TNA. Or Bennett will finally pin or submit EC3, which hasn't been done since Carter debuted years ago for TNA. With Maria as the wild card on the outside, this should be good.


What else is in store for us tonight:

1) Drew Galloway vs. Tyrus for the TNA title

Last October at Bound for Glory, Tyrus won a battle royal to earn himself a future title shot. It was an opportunity that he held on until he felt the time was right. And after the champion Drew Galloway took three spears from Bobby Lashley two weeks ago, Tyrus felt that the time was right to go after a weakened champ.

Last week, Tyrus did more work to the injured ribs of Galloway, softening him up for his title shot tonight. While Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway isn't a marquee match up, it's tying up a loose end from last October, which is always a good thing. This will be a good challenge for Drew to get past in his title reign before he matches up against whomever is next for him, probably Bobby Lashley.

2) Eric Young vs. Bram for the King of the Mountain title

These two have been partners for a little bit, but for the last month, they haven't been on the same page. There were numerous accounts of them accidentally hitting each other during matches and other miscommunications. OK, it was mainly just hitting each other by mistake.

Last week, when Eric Young decided to quit TNA because he wasn't getting the respect he deserved, Bram decided he wasn't going with him. This enraged EY, who ended up giving the bigger man a piledriver and then cutting off a big chunk of his beard, claiming on he could have a beard.

EY has left TNA already, so he has to lose the King of the Mountain title eventually. (I'm not entirely sure where this matches up with his last set of tapings.) Even if it is tonight, it doesn't necessarily mean Bram is winning it. E Li Drake still has the KOTM Feast or Fired case and he could walk out with it as well.

3) Beer Money vs. the Decay for the Tag Team Titles

Last week, the Decay kidnapped Gail Kim until Beer Money granted them a title shot. And they got it. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Bobby Roode is also leaving TNA so Beer Money have to lose their titles soon too. And if I recall correctly, it's James Storm who has the Feast or Fired briefcase for the tag team titles. Likely he'll hold onto that for a long while and find another tag team partner to use it with later. He has had a ton of tag partners in TNA.


What we'd like to see

1) What's next for the Hardy brothers

Last week, Matt Hardy was stretched out after taking a Swanton from Jeff Hardy from high up onto a table. This was during an "I Quit" match where neither man uttered those words. I'd assume Matt will be off this episode to sell his injuries. It's possible this feud just gets the video recap treatment this week and then double back to it next week, which would be a totally understandable way to play it. For sure, these men are not done feuding but tonight would be a good night to take a break from it.

2) What's Maria's plan for the Knockouts

Last week, Maria won a ladder match to become leader of the Knockouts. And we still don't know what that even means.

Tonight, we'll likely get the answer to that question or at least a direction to where the KOs division is going to go. This is a good spot for Maria, who's biggest strength is her character work. I would bet this is going to continue her feud with Gail Kim. With Slammiversary a couple months away, if Maria is to get into the ring and actually wrestle, that would be the spot for it.


TNA Impact airs tonight on Pop TV at 9 eastern. Who's watching/

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