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Slammiversary top matches, location announced at TNA Impact taping, plus a title change (spoilers)!

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Almost anything will feel like a letdown after the Hardy-ception that was their Friday night taping, but TNA continued the weekend in Orlando with two more shows worth of happenings, including big doings for their next pay-per-view (PPV), Slammiversary.

Yes, the still do those... and not just with pre-taped ones where they pretend Maria Kanellis vs. Gail Kim is a feud for the ages. Although, that's a theme they're pushing beyond One Night Only specials these days, as you're about to read.

Here's what was filmed on Saturday, likely for use on May 24 & 31:

- Trevor Lee def. DJZ with a distraction from Gregory Shane Helms

- Josh Mathews and The Pope in-ring to introduce a "May Mayhem" themed show

- Allie (Shimmer tag champ Cherry Bomb, who has worked for TNA before under her ring name and real name, Laura Dennis) is Maria's new apprentice. She introduces the "leader" of the Knockouts. Gail appears to say she won't follow Kanellis, who then books Kim in a match with Sienna, with the former champ's career on the line.

- Al Snow def. Grado in a Street Fight. Mahabali Shera attempted to help Grado, but NXT-exs Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis attacked him.

- Gail Kim def. Sienna. Afterwards she goes after Maria, but Sienna attacks her. Kanellis punches Kim.

- Bobby Lashley & Drew Galloway talking segment to build off their Lumberjack match from Friday. Dixie Carter comes out and announces them as the main event of Slammiversary (happening June 12 in the Impact Zone), in a title fight that can only be won with a knockout or tapout. The guys brawl, officials come out to separate them, then Lashley destroys them and chokes out Galloway.

- Eddie Edwards def. Andrew Everett (with Helms) on Xplosion

- Mike Bennett is in the ring with Maria, saying the show will have a guest GM. That turns out to be Ethan Carter III, who reveals that Bennett will be the janitor for the night, and his wife is getting a job evaluation. Oh yeah, they'll also face each other at Slammiversary.

- Lashley comes out and EC3 announces that he and Drew will pick one another's opponents for the night. Galloway picks Bram.

- Bram def. Lashley by DQ when Bobby uses a chair. Lashley keeps up the assault post-bell until Drew shows up and chases him backstage. Eli Drake shows up to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase and become the NEW King of the Mountain champion by pinning Bram.

-  Al Snow introduces The Tribunal, which is the team name for Baron Dax (Louis) and Basille Baracca (LeFort). They're here to help Snow keep people who don't belong out of TNA. Grado & Shera show up, a brawl breaks out, and that ends with Al plastering the good guys with a chair.

- BroMans, now being accompanied by Racquel from Tough Enough, def. Tyrus & Spud. Bennett was the ref, because that's something the custodial staff does in TNA - probably since Earl Hebner is wrestling these days.

- Maria's job evaluation is conducted in-ring. EC3 brings Gail Kim out for the final word, and announces Kim vs. Maria for Slammiversary. He makes a tag match between Gail & Jade and Sienna & Allie for this show.

-  Kim & Jade def. Sienna & Alice. The Knockouts champ pinned Allie after a package piledriver (NOICE).

- Mike Bennett def. James Storm with a roll-up after Maria slapped the Cowboy. Afterwards, EC3 comes out to talk trash about Slammiversary, leading to Bennett eating a SuperKick from Storm.

- Lashley booked Galloway in a handicap match against The Decay. He wins when the challenger's interference attempt backfires and he ends up Spearing Abyss, and Drew finished Crazzy Steve.

Like what you see? There's one more night to go... we'll update you with the Slammiversary go-home haps tomorrow.

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