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TNA goes full TNA at Impact Wrestling taping on April 22 (spoilers)

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There's probably not anything particularly bizarre about the Impact Wrestling tapings TNA is having this weekend in Orlando. It's pro wrestling, after all, and there's going to be some stuff that hits and some that doesn't. Plus, it's always difficult to determine how something will play out on screen from subjective live reports.

But with the latest round of talent exits and news of the company's possible change of ownership or even demise louder than ever, the stuff coming out of Universal Studios the past few days seems wild - even for TNA.

Here's what we're hearing went down on Friday night - see if you get what we mean. These matches & segments will likely air on May 10 and 17:

- Jeff Hardy calls out The Decay and demands to know who paid them to attack him. Abyss & Crazzy Steve jumped Hardy, but James Storm made the save. That duo announced they're going after the tag belts.

- The Abyss retained their tag titles when Jeff's alter-ego Willow appeared on stage and distracted Hardy.

- Al Snow declared himself the Donald Trump of wrestling and vowed to build a wall around TNA. Mahabali Shera interrupted and defeated Snow in a match, with an assist from Grado.

- Gail Kim's match for the Knockouts title ends in a no contest when Sienna attacks both Kim and champion Jade

- Mike Bennett talked trash about his Slammiversary opponent Ethan Carter III, and revealed that he had a match tonight against referee Earl Hebner. Bennett won, and EC3 saved the 66 year old Hebner from a post-match beating. Tyrus then destroyed Carter.

- EC3 beat Tyrus in a Last Man Standing match

- Eddie Edwards & DJZ defeated Andrew Everett & X-Division champ Trevor Lee

- Sienna defeated Velvet Sky. Fans chanted "Thank you Velvet" and she waved goodbye after the match.

- Jeff Hardy called out Willow, and wins a quick match. When he tries to unmask him, two other Willows run in and stop him. Once he's beaten down, the first Willow reveals himself to be Matt Hardy.

- Eli Drake hosted his "Facts of Life" segment. His guest was King of the Mountain champ Bram, and Drake teased cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase for that title. Bram kicks his ass so the host runs off.

- Drew Galloway faced Bobby Lashley in a Lumberjack match for the TNA World championship. It ended in a schmoz when one of the lumberjacks pulled Galloway from the ring and brawl broke out.

Earl Hebner? Multiple Willows? A disqualification finish to a Lumberjack match?

As the General said, this was beyond Thunderdome.


Thanks to Modern Myth Photography for the header image (via their Instagram)

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