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Will Dixie Carter lose control of TNA through late payment to Aroluxe?

According to Mike Johnson of, there are rumours that Aroluxe may receive a majority stake in TNA over Dixie Carter defaulting on payment for their production services.

Yesterday, we passed on the juiciest rumour of the day that Aroluxe, a Nashville based marketing and production company that employs former TNA wrestlers Ron & Don Harris, were negotiating with Dixie Carter to purchase a majority share of TNA and had been funding recent television tapings.

The story didn't make much sense on the surface, due to the small size and stature of Aroluxe. Why would they want to buy a national wrestling promotion like TNA?

A more plausible description of what the hell is going on at TNA headquarters has been given by Mike Johnson of, which suggests that all the talk of "investors" and a potential sale is a smokescreen for a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy and has had to cut some ridiculous deals to stay afloat.

According to Johnson, Aroluxe are not investors in the traditional sense of the word. Basically, they have taken over production of TNA Impact tapings in return for payments at a later date for those services and it is rumoured that if TNA defaults on those payments then Aroluxe would automatically own a majority stake in TNA:

"Since January 2016, TNA has been working with Aroluxe, a marketing and production company based in Tennessee that has taken over TNA's production as part of a deal that, according to multiple sources, sees Aroluxe handle all of the expenditures for TNA tapings and then sees TNA reimburse them for expenses as well as pay them for their services....

The word that has made the way around TNA performers in the past week is that a payment to Aroluxe is due imminently (one version of the story is that the payment is due today, another is that it is due Wednesday) and that based on TNA's contract with Aroluxe, if the payment is not made, Aroluxe would then be able to claim majority ownership of TNA Wrestling, leaving Dixie Carter a minority owner."

A logical conclusion would then be that Aroluxe may have no interest in running TNA long term and instead plan to sell their assets to the highest bidder in order to repay the money TNA owes them. That is speculation on my part, but makes a lot more sense than believing Aroluxe is a knight in shining armour come to save the wrestling promotion of a damsel in distress that is being spun in the wrestling media.

That's obviously a worst case scenario: maybe Johnson's story is bogus, maybe Dixie Carter will somehow pay up on time, maybe she finds a better deal or maybe Aroluxe has secret cash reserves that would allow them to lose millions of dollars bankrolling a Harris twins vanity promotion? But let's not pretend that we may be on the cusp of a bright new future for TNA with the way the cards are currently dealt for the company.

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