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Here's your latest round of reports that TNA is almost out of business

Matt Hardy on Twitter

TNA has been open about their quest for new investors. We know they moved their headquarters from Cummins Station in Nashville to the warehouse where Shop TNA stocks and ships merchandise. PWInsider adds the additional detail that their production operation is not moving with them, but will be at a third-party facility in town, NorthStar Productions.

The company line is that investment is needed for growth, and the moves have been planned for a while. Unfortunately for the promotion, there are reports which question that and, given the public's perception of TNA behind-the-scenes, a lot of credence will be given to rumors over their official position.

Doesn't help when the reports are coming from one of the most prominent voices in the industry. Dave Meltzer, on the Tuesday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended) states that the moves are tied to the company's financial position. Meltzer's reported in the past new capital is needed to keep the company alive. The lack of money is, according to the Observer, behind both the move to places with lower rent and issues with booking venues, flying in talent for shows and other operating expenses.

There is an investor willing to join TNA, Meltzer stated again, but only as the majority owner - not as a minority stakeholder in a Dixie Carter-run operation.

No word on who the potential buyer is, or how long Impact can keep running without an investor. TNA is still planning for a pay-per-view (PPV) in June, for which they're supposed to shoot a main event weigh-in at their tapings next week. A specific date for the PPV, Slammiversary, hasn't been set yet, however.

The saga continues...

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