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TNA's UK tour reportedly disappoints, leaving rumored March tapings up in the air

Impact Wrestling on Twitter

Just yesterday, we brought word of slightly re-scheduled Impact Wrestling tapings from Orlando which were supposedly set to kick off on Mar. 15.

Even that report, which originated at PWInsider, admitted things were unsettled, and hinted at another round of financial uncertainty for the promotion which has become known for behind-the-scenes drama as much as for their in-ring product over the last several years.

This week's Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended) sheds more light on the situation, but even that only points to more uncertainty.

Dave Meltzer and team point back to the news which broke a few weeks ago of TNA looking for outside investors. While that's true, it doesn't appear to be new, as the report says Dixie Carter's been looking for an infusion of cash for some time. The hitch, as it has been going back to when the company was still on Spike TV, is that Carter insists on remaining involved.

Putting money into a company run by Dixie and her current management team wasn't attractive to investors back in 2014, when they were still getting a million viewers a week on Spike. Pitching the same deal when their audience is a quarter of that in 2016 is an even bigger challenge.

Then there's the issue of overseas, which supporters had always pointed to as a TNA strength. Unfortunately, it looks like POP TV's ratings weren't the only place this year's tour of the United Kingdom disappointed.  It's not clear if the dates were "bought" shows (meaning a local promoter paid up front to bring the company in) or if TNA was counting on gate revenue, but in either case, their event at London's SSE Wembley drew 2,591 paid for $191,804 in revenue - the smallest crowd they've ever pulled there, and their January 31 show in Brimingham had just over a thousand paid fans in attendance and the gate was less than six figures.

There also has been no news concerning a re-scheduling of the India tour TNA hyped last year, which was positioned as crucial to their partnership with Sony there - and to the pay checks of wrestlers working for them on a per appearance deal.

None of which is stopping TNA from pursuing more wrestlers whose contracts are expiring elsewhere, like they did with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis from Ring of Honor (ROH).

But, and this is just speculation from this writer, pushing for growth when the present isn't shored up can't be an appealing sell to new investors, either. And the Observer and Insider reports agree that there are still payment issues to performers, and that the lack of any kind of announcements to fans or talent about the March tapings is very strange when they're supposed to start in twelve days.

Meltzer goes on to reveal that TNA is likely on the outs with their production company AO1, a relationship that just started last year when non-wrestling staff complained about late payments from the company.

We'll keep you posted as to the company's status and the Impact Wrestling taping schedule.

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