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TNA Impact Preview (March 29, 2016): The First of Many

TNA Impact returns tonight (March 29, 2016) with the first TNA Title defense of Drew Galloway. This was all set up last week when Jeff Hardy was the last man standing in a multi-man gauntlet (battle royal style) match last week. Everyone who could be a contender for the title, men such as Ethan Carter, Matt Hardy, and Mike Bennett, was part of this match. It came down to Jeff and his brother Matt with Jeff able to toss his brother over the top rope for the win.

This will likely be the first of many Drew Galloway title defenses. He spoke last week about how above all else he looks to be a fighting champion. Because of that, we are likely to see Galloway feud with many of the top stars in TNA. It still feels like a first time meeting between Galloway and Jeff Hardy should have had a little more build to it. However, with Jeff still only starting a feud with his brother, this will more likely play as part of that. None-the-less, Galloway vs. Hardy for the first time is a novel enough match that a week of build could do a great deal.

Coming out of that battle royal, EC3's feud with Mike Bennett continued to heat up. Already being tossed over the top by EC3, Bennett held Carter's arm from the outside leading to his elimination. That makes two weeks in a row that Mike Bennett has cost Carter a chance to reclaim his title. There's no doubt that will not sit well with the ass kicking machine tonight.

A surprising elimination in that match was when the Pope D'Angelo Dinero ran in from commentary and tossed Bobby Lashley over the top rope. This was payback for when the Destroyer speared Pope the week prior. This week we'll find out how long they are going to tease the story before they lead into what feels like the inevitable match up.


What else is advertised for tonight:

1) The BroMan vs. Bram and Eric Young

Much to my elation last week, the former 2-time tag champs the BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) reunited to face Beer Money. Despite a pretty good showing for themselves, they were eventually defeated. Putting the BroMans back together may have been an on the fly decision to fill the opening that was left when Davey Richards was injured. But even if that is the case, it is good for both men, who weren't finding success outside their partnership.

Tonight's match will answer a couple questions about this reunion. Are they heel or face? The original BroMans were always a heel unit and facing Beer Money last week didn't give us any clues on their leanings this go around. However, facing the heel team of Bram and EY could mean they are fighting on the side of the light.

The other big question is how serious will they be taken? At the end of their last run, the BroMans were a comedy unit. They even lost a 2 on 1 match to Brooke Tessmacher. While a win tonight would be tough since EY and Bram are taken seriously, it's possible. Plus, last week, Bram accidentally eliminated Young in the battle royal so it is possible they start to break tonight.

2) Grado's Party

In a quick backstage segment last week, Grado said he'll be celebrating his new TNA contract this week with a party with all of his friends from Chicago. The best part of the video is the Mahabali Shera character is too dumb to realize that Odarg and Grado were the same person. This will likely be a comedy backstage segment. I just hope it doesn't lead to more of Eli Drake vs. Grado.

3) The X Division still exists Shane Helms addresses the state of the X Division

After a month long absence from TV, the  X Division will once again find some time on Impact. Last we saw, new champion Trevor Lee was having a series of matches with former champion Tigre Uno. It's a bit hopeful since this a promo segment to build a story than just a random match. Random matches have been the hallmark of the X Division for the last year now. And with some new talent signed, hopefully they can help bolster this division.


What we'd like to see:

1) The new signees

While a series of new signees were just announced, at least some were present at the first set of tapings. (I don't know which show that will correspond to though.) It's good to see lost in the shuffle NXT talent formerly known as Marcus Louis and Sylvester LeFort found a place to make money and practice their craft. (Plus, LaFort looks bad ass bald.) I don't know much about Marshe Rockett but from TNA's blurb about him, he could be a good X Division fit. Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb) will be a great addition to the Knockouts division.

2) More of the Knockouts story

Last week, Maria Kanenllis flexed her powers of persuasion to convince the Doll House to break up. She did that by giving up her KOs title shot to the winner of a triple threat between all 3 members of the Doll House. Knockouts standout Jade won that match and now has a future title shot against Gail Kim. As of now, she's had two one on one matches with Gail Kim and lost both. But this time, she has Maria Kanellis in her corner, which could give her the edge she needs to finally defeat Gail.

We don't know when that match will happen. Last time, they didn't build the Kim/Jade much at all, announcing it one week and doing it the next. Now that this is part of the larger Maria Kanellis/Gail Kim feud, it will probably get a little more time.


TNA Impact airs tonight on PopTV at 9 EST. Who's watching?

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