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TNA Impact ratings up significantly for Drew Galloway's title win

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Ratings for TNA Impact this week saw a big jump for their semi-live show. According to ShowbuzzDaily, Impact drew 306,000 viewers, which was sharply up from 222,000 the week prior. Their replay later in the night doubled from 58,000 viewers to 123,000 viewers. This is good news for the PopTV program whose ratings seemed to keep falling from late January through February.

While Impact was advertised as "live" last Tuesday, in reality, they had already taped the episode a bit earlier the evening. Because of that and how fast news travels on the internet, word of Drew Galloway's surprise title win had already spread. Title changes are always exciting and the buzz likely had a good deal to do with the increase alongside the fact that live shows, even semi-live, have an element of the unknown that shows taped a month prior do not.

Hopefully, the intrigue of a new TNA champion can keep the audience number closer to the 300K range than the 200K range. However, it could be expected that with spoilers already out there for the rest of the tapings, they will take at least a slight dip after this week.

You can read a recap of last Tuesday's Impact here.

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