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Davey Richards posts cryptic tweets about The American Wolves future

Davey Richards claims that The American Wolves "cannot accept Indy bookings after May 1", leading to silly speculation that they may be NXT bound, and then tells fans not to worry about where they are going in the future.

Are The American Wolves trying to work Dixie Carter into giving them a pay rise?
Are The American Wolves trying to work Dixie Carter into giving them a pay rise?

All it takes is 140 characters to get the wrestling world buzzing. Yes, I'm talking about Twitter and the latest wrestler looking to draw attention to himself using that medium is one Davey Richards, who caused confusion when he claimed that he and his American Wolves tag team partner Eddie Edwards would be unable to take independent bookings after May 1st:

This led to immediate speculation that either (a) TNA were in the process of restructuring their contracts barring The American Wolves from taking any outside bookings after the specified date; or (b) that the team will be signing with NXT once their TNA contracts expire.

Neither option really makes much sense. With TNA's revenues being slashed by losing their Destination America television deal (POP TV is not paying rights fees for airing Impact, which Destination America did), it doesn't make sense that TNA would pay The American Wolves more money to gain exclusivity of their services. If The American Wolves have already been offered a contract by WWE, then that would be flagrant contract tampering, which would open themselves to getting sued by TNA.

It should be noted that The American Wolves got an NXT tryout in late 2013, but Triple H decided against signing them at that time. Although it's certainly possible that he's since changed his mind and now wants their services, he wouldn't want it getting out publicly.

So the most likely explanation in my book is that for whatever reason Davey Richards wanted people to think that WWE wanted to sign them for NXT. Maybe the tweet was for Dixie Carter's benefit, given that she offered James Storm a lucrative deal to return to TNA after he had left the company and performed on a couple of NXT television tapings without a contract. A pay rise for The American Wolves will be very hard to come by without outside leverage.

There's also the slim possibility that this is a social media worked shoot angle with the feeling that as NXT is the hot brand with hardcore wrestling fans at the minute that it will make The American Wolves more popular if the smarks are deceived into believing that they turned down Triple H's overtures to stick with TNA.

Trying to assuage loyalist TNA supporters who were upset that he may be leaving the company soon, Davey Richards has since tweeted to his followers not to worry about the confusion that he himself had generated, without explaining why he and Eddie Edwards won't be able to accept any independent wrestling booking after May 1st:

Don't trust Davey Richards, it seems probable that he and Eddie Edwards aren't going anywhere, given the lack of WWE interest in the past and how he has burnt his bridges with Ring Of Honor by badmouthing them in a magazine interview whilst he still worked for the company and also with New Japan Pro Wrestling by cancelling a tour at short notice.

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