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Report: James Storm returning to TNA, likely done with NXT
Update: He did indeed return.

James Storm surprised a lot of people when he showed up in NXT last October and worked a couple of tapings for the WWE developmental brand. When asked about the future and what it may hold for him, he stated, quite simply, that it was his job to get over and if the suits wanted him back around he would be back around.

It doesn't look like he'll be back around.

That's because PW Insider is reporting Storm is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at the TNA Impact tapings. What's more, he could be appearing on the live show tomorrow night for the company's debut on its new channel, Pop TV.

Storm was, apparently, always negotiating with both TNA and WWE and it appears as though the former won out, or WWE decided there wasn't much of a future for "The Cowboy" within the promotion and allowed him to go back to a company that would use him.

Update: For whatever it's worth, Storm posted the following not long ago.


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