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Report: Awesome Kong sent home by TNA after backstage incident with Reby Sky on UK tour

Tabercil at Wikimedia Commons

Oh my.

PW Insider is reporting that TNA, currently touring the UK, has sent home Awesome Kong due to an incident involving Reby Sky backstage. Apparently, the former did not want the latter dressing in the same locker room and tossed her bags out. Later, when Reby returned for her belongings, there was a confrontation of some sort.

Here's where it gets weird.

The report states there are two versions going around and it's unclear which is true:

1. Kong attempted to go after Sky and was stopped.
2. Kong actually got to Sky, assaulted her, and was restrained by security.

To top it all off, Sky's child, Maxel, an infant, was apparently nearby while all this was going on.

As stated, Kong was sent home for all this and, if that second version of events is true, she could very well be out of a job when all is said and done.

More as it develops.

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