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Impact viewership rises again for TNA and Pop TV

Reby Hardy on Twitter

I've called them a cockroach, but maybe TNA is a cockroach engineering a little engine that could.

For the third straight week, Impact Wrestling has seen a significant bump in their viewership on new network home Pop TV. They started from a pretty small number, but that they carried over their audience from Destination America was seen as a win.

Convincing more people to tune in is a bigger deal.

January 5: 255,000
January 12: 288,000
January 19: 321,000

Pop TV is in roughly 75 - 80 million homes, so Impact is getting less than a percent of that number to watch. Increasing viewership by more than 10% a week seems unsustainable, but big gains are at least theoretically possible when you consider how many televisions could be turning to Pop on Tuesday nights.

Next week will be very interesting, as their show-closing angle featuring a new champ in Matt Hardy and turns for both he and the previous champ, Ethan Carter III, created some buzz online. Plus, Lucha Underground returns on Wednesday, adding to wrestling fans options and competition for their attention.

For a recap, review and video highlights of the show, click here.

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