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Dixie Carter announces "Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth" in British wrestler poll

Yes, all three of Big Damo, Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay will be making their TNA debut on the company's tour of the UK in two week's time.

Last Sunday, we reported that TNA had created an online poll to determine which of arguably the three most talented, popular and in demand performers on the British independent wrestling circuit, Jimmy Havoc, Will Ospreay and Big Damo, would debut on the company's tour of the UK at the end of the month.

Well, the wait is over! In the above YouTube video, Dixie Carter announced the winner of the poll, but first she explained how she came up with the unique concept:

"We are so excited, Jeremy! You know, a couple of months ago I read a really cool article from the Huffington Post in the UK and it talked about their dream matches for the upcoming UK tour, and it got me thinking like who would the fans want to see the most? And so I put it out there on social media and the response was just fantastic and we narrowed it down to the three names [Big Damo, Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay] that got the most response, and as you know we put it up on a poll for fans to vote."

Thankfully, the mother hen of TNA didn't have to hurt anyone's feelings or disappoint any fans, because she basically proclaimed that "Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth":

"You're not going to believe this! Impact Wrestling! Impact Wrestling is the one that won in this, guys, because the response was so incredible and it was really so close I sat down with top management and we made the decision to bring all three to the tour. So I'm so excited, we felt that's what the fans would want based on how many people voted and how close it was, so I'm so excited to see them on the upcoming UK tour, excited to see them on Impact Wrestling and thank-you all for participating this year. Every chance we get we want to involve you and we appreciate everything you do."

However, cynical British fans may disagree, believing that wrestling on TV for TNA would jeopardise their chances of being signed by WWE for NXT, which is most young wrestlers dream job. But for TNA, it's definitely a major boon, having the opportunity to freshen up their product by showcasing some of the best British talent the scene has to offer, whilst helping them draw at the gate with local hardcore wrestling fans.

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