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Magnus calls TNA locker room 'turbulent' over the past few months

Now that Magnus is no longer officially under contract with TNA, he can speak freely on what it was like to work there. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he brings word that, yes, the locker room was "turbulent" and top level executives didn't exactly have the best relationship with talent:

"To be honest, it was very turbulent. I'm sure you're aware of the conference call that took place not too long ago. There were things said in that conference call that were a long time coming. I'm not about to throw any talent under the bus, but there were certain things that I heard in that conference call, like talent saying, 'I'm disgusted by this' or, 'We have a right to know.' Anyone that's been involved with TNA knows that at times, I've been very outspoken. There was a point where I just sat there and thought that what everyone has to remember is that as an independent contractor in wrestling, nobody owes you a living. You don't have a right to be guaranteed a living just because you signed a contract somewhere. Most contracts, with exceptions, can just be canceled anyways. I just kind of went, 'Nobody owes you a living.' Every day that I get to put on a pair of tights and boots and get to feed my son, that's a good day."

You can debate his position but he also makes clear in the full interview that he left TNA on good terms. If he's keeping his options open it only makes sense to avoid bashing the company, instead confirming what most already knew, that the locker room has been in turmoil for some time now.

One need look no further than Taz's recent comments on the matter to see why that would be.

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