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Magnus was planning to leave TNA a year ago

It was announced late last month that Magnus would be leaving TNA in favor of "exploring new opportunities as a free agent." That includes working with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling, which means he'll likely be involved in whatever invasion angle the two companies are cooking up.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Magnus reveals he knew he was leaving TNA as far back as one year ago:

"I think they knew how I felt, and I knew they were in a position financially where it was getting difficult for them to honor contracts like mine. Not trying to disclose too much, but I got it on pretty good authority from the office that I was in the upper echelon as pay is concerned. I knew they weren't in a position to offer the same structure. A year ago I had made peace with the idea of leaving. I always delivered everything they gave me whether I liked it or not. I knew in my gut a year ago I wasn't going to stay."

It's a running joke that fans and pundits alike have been predicting the demise of TNA for all 13 years of its existence. The company may be as close to folding as it ever has, what with a mass exodus of top talent thanks to what Magnus describes here, a lack of finances.

That said, reports have indicated TNA hopes to work with Magnus in the future and the promotion is simply changing the way it does business, opting to bring wrestlers in on a date-by-date basis instead of locking them into contracts.

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