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The TNA-GFW invasion angle is underway: Eric Young steals Jeff Jarrett's King of the Mountain title

Global Force Wrestling held an event in Appleton, Wisconsin last night that featured the angle you see in the video above. Eric Young showed up, demanded Jeff Jarrett give the King of the Mountain championship to him to take back to TNA, then attacked Jarrett when he came out, stole the title, and took off to the back.

The invasion angle is on, it seems.

GFW also posted a video of Young explaining his actions:

"TNA. This is a world title. This is the TNA title. I'm a TNA wrestler. And now the belt is around its proper owner. The belt is where it belongs, Jeff. You invited me here. You made the mistake of telling me to come up here and talk to you. Well as you can see I don't like talking. I'm a doer, Jeff Jarrett. I've always been a doer. Now this belt is around the rightful owner. And if you think you can take it from me, I implore you to try."


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