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TNA Slammiversary 2015 Results and Review: Good Bye

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TNA Slammiversary, their first live pay-per-view (PPV) in a year, aired tonight from the Impact Zone in Orlando, featuring the return of Jeff Jarrett and the goodbyes of many others.  Let's waste no time seeing how they did.


This birthday celebration of TNA at times felt more like a funeral tonight   James Storm, Austin Aries, Magnus and maybe Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell were all (likely) done after tonight.  There's the possibility that TNA won't have have a television home when their next set of tapings comes around in September.  Having a show end with Jeff Jarrett holding a title with his family after winning his King of the Mountain match?  Sounds like a fitting finale for TNA.

Of course, maybe it's not over.  Maybe Destination America keeps TNA around or they find a new home.  But even if they do, there's a good chance that this is the last live PPV TNA ever has.  And you could feel that in the air.

There were other factors that worked against this show from the get go.  There's the fact that this PPV, a show people paid for, when not serving as a farewell match for wrestlers, served as a Go Home Show for their bigger booked Impact on Wednesday.  That's a show everyone can watch for free by the way.

There was a five minute technical difficulty delay after Storm and Magnus's match for that LOLTNA moment this company cannot seem to escape, which seemed almost poetically fitting tonight.  Even though they got things up and running, the sound was still off for much of the next match and the microphones continued to cut out the rest of the night.  It did not really hinder my enjoyment of the show, but it sure made it seem more bush league.

And all of these things already detracting from this show is unfortunate.  Because you could tell the wresters were giving it their best out there.  The matches were good and crisp.  The crowd seemed to be enjoying it.  But in the end, the only thing worth the money you put down is if you're interested in possibly seeing TNA's chronologic good-bye.


Now thoughts on all the matches:

Jeff Jarrett defeats Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode to win the King of the Mountain title.

It was always going to be Jarrett.  You could try to convince yourself otherwise as much as you like, but it was always going to be him.  I don't know what the tapings hold so I don't know what this means for Jarrett and that title.  Is that going to be come a prop in a GFW/TNA angle or is that just a gift to gift Double J as his final good bye?  Either way, it doesn't upset me that he won because he won a title that wasn't there last Impact in a match that's only build was to see Jeff Jarrett in King of the Mountain.

This is a convoluted match, which we were warned of prior.  Josh Matthews didn't even know all the stipulations last Wednesday.  It's TNA to the core.  Asides from some botches, including a rough looking one with Eric Young pile driving Jarrett onto a ladder, the men made it work the best they could.  It helps that the guys in this match are very entertaining guys and it was fitting that originals like Young and Roode were in this match as well.

Despite winning, Jarrett spent the rest of the match taking some bumps from everyone else, laying on the outside, or in the penalty box (yes this match has a penalty box).  Drew Galloway did a dive from the penalty box  onto the guys on the floor which was quite impressive.  Roode and Young had a brief Team Canada reunion, which is another aspect of this looking like a TNA memorial match than anything else.

Given the fact there was no build to this main event, it was never going to be anything more than a match that's fun because it's just over the top crazy in its rules and has a good performers such as Roode to help sell it.  And to their credit, they achieved that.  That just shouldn't be the ceiling for your PPV main event.


Tigre Uno defeats DJ Z and Manik in a X Division title elimination match.  Tigre Uno defeated DJ Z first and Manik second.

TNA opened the Pay Per View with an unannounced X Division match.  While it's odd to open a show with an unadvertised match, the X Division deserved a spot on this card.  The announcers talked this match up as a tribute to what TNA was, but that also shined a light on how little TNA has cares about the X Division now compared to the past.

Tonight featured the three X Division-iest guys on the roster and they gave them a decent amount of time to put something together.  But when the match is thrown together for a show that's thrown together, there's little to care about.  Kudos to the men working to put on good spots and make this entertaining as possible.  But I was left more upset that TNA pretty much ignores this division most of the time than glad they gave them time tonight.


Robbie E defeats Jessie "The Man" Godderz via pinfall after hitting a reverse DDT.

Prior to the match, both men had a promo, Robbie backstage and Jessie in the ring.  Robbie delivered with his "I'm not going to be funny Robbie tonight" promo.  Jessie's, who comes out with a robe saying "The Man" now, fell flat where he pretty much just said "Look at how good I look" for a few minutes.

The match had Jessie playing his strength working Robbie's midsection.  They did the spot that we used to see all the time when Robbie is in the bear hug and the ref checks the arm 3 times and Robbie gets it up at 3.  We don't see that spot any more after years of it being done too much.  It was nice to see it tonight.

Unfortunately, the end of this match fell flat.  Robbie seemed to just hit a reverse DDT (A Scorpion Death Drop if you will) out of no where.  There was no come back flurry.  The match just ended.  It wasn't a bad match, but I was hoping for a little more fire between these broken BroMans.


Bram defeats Matt Morgan in a hardcore match with his floating DDT on a chair.

Matt Morgan makes this a hardcore match before the match begins, sending this into Bram's world.  Though my favorite parts of this match was when they were just two big dudes going at it, these guys put on a fine hardcore match.  They had some good spots leading towards the end of the match and the right man got the victory.

Not much to say here.  I hope Matt Morgan sticks (has already stuck?) around.


Austin Aries defeats. Davey Richards with distraction from Bobby Roode.  Aries picks the stipulation for Match Five on Wednesday as a bra and panties match 30 minute Iron Man match.

Even if Austin Aries didn't really care during his last match at TNA, Aries at 50% effort is still one of the best.  Sure he hot dogged it a bit and you can tell maximum energy wasn't there.  But the match was still the best of the night due to the talent and style of both men.

Plus, Aries had some "meta" heel moves of pretending to walk out or not even get in the ring early on.  Plus they gave Aries a live microphone at the end!  He didn't say anything inflammatory, though did first say that their already filmed match five on Wednesday will be a bra and panties match before naming the real stip.  Never change, Aries.


Awesome Kong and Brooke defeats the Doll House (Jade, Marti Bell, and Taryn Terrell)

Tonight just gave me another reason to dislike the over the top sexual Doll House gimmick, an aspect of the gimmick Taryn even pointed out in her pre-match promo.  That reason being that the this match was really good.  They worked good psychology in the tag match, having Kong obvious dominate, Brooke scrap, and leaving Taryn to bark orders from the outside.  To see that these women can all work really well in ring only to often have short matches and slumber party promos is disappointing.

More time in the ring showing that they can wrestle and less focus on the ridiculous Doll House characters is what the division needs.  This served well as a build up match for next Wednesday, which I look forward to seeing.


James Storm defeats Magnus after both men hit each other's with bottles and Storm falls on Magnus.

Of all the matches that was clearly a good bye match, it was this one.  Magnus cut a backstage promo prior talking more about how Storm is a TNA original and how TNA was the small company was big dreams, than he did their many month long feud.  He even said that they're doing it one final time.  Sure, he brought it around to the story with Mickie James and the Storm manipulation, but it was clear that's not what this match was about any more.  (And that's OK because that story wore out its welcome.)

The match, which was an all over the place no DQ brawl, was actually quite good.  It was probably second of the night next to Aries and Richards.  They played the near falls well and used the foreign objects in a ways that played to the drama of the match instead of just spamming them.

The finish was poor after such a great match, but I can understand if they're trying to get both guys to go out on top as much as possible.  The TNA original picking up the win makes sense.


Ethan Carter III & Tyrus defeats Bobby Lashley and Mr. Anderson.  Carter gets the pin on Lashley.

This was another set up match for the big Impact on Wednesday.  In the best world, Carter and Angle would have main evented this show, but that did not happen.  This match was another solid tag match that was an underwhelming match to have PPV card.

For what it's worth, Carter and Lashley worked much better here than they did on the last Impact.  Tyrus did not get much time in the match, meaning we got to see Carter prove his worth in the ring going into his big match next Impact.  It was a good win for him building up that match.

Plus EC3 looked damn good holding that title.


Pros of this Show:

  • The matches were crisp and overall enjoyable
  • Austin Aries and Davey Richards have match of the night in Aries goodbye match
  • Storm and Magnus also go out in style.

Cons of the Show:

  • Paying PPV price for a go home show
  • Technical difficulties
  • Minimal stakes to make this a big show feel.

This would have been a great episode of Impact but failed to live up on a PPV scale.  Also, much of it felt like a goodbye show from TNA.

Grade:  C+

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