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Jeff Jarrett official for TNA Hall of Fame

It was one of the most recurrent mentions when word came down last Wednesday that Jeff Jarrett would be returning, in some form, to the company he founded with his father over ten years ago.

While we wait to find out about ownership stakes, talent exchanges or invasion angles with Jarrett's newest company, Global Force Wrestling (GFW), we now know for sure that that early guess was correct. Double-J has joined Sting, Kurt Angle and Team 3D in the TNA Hall of Fame:

The announcement came during the last night of Impact Wrestling tapings before today's Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV), and by the time reports from Universal Studios Orlando had reached the Twitter-verse that not only had Jarrett been tabbed for the Hall, but that they went ahead and did the induction on the same night (rather than at Bound for Glory as had been tradition), Dixie Carter went ahead and made it official:

His induction, made by Carter and Mike Tenay with his wife, Karen, present,is expected to air in July or August with the shows taped last night.

Still no word on future plans from TNA and GFW, but stay tuned for more from a wild night of tapings in Florida.

And congratulations to Jeff Jarrett on the honor.