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Former TNA announcer Taz on locker room morale: 'Yeah, it's not good'

There's been plenty of speculation that Jeff Jarrett's big return to TNA on this past Wednesday night's episode of Impact was not only a surprise to fans but to the wrestlers in the locker room as well. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that's been the case.

When speaking on the subject on the most recent edition of the Human Podcast Machine with Taz, the former color commentator spoke of low morale within the locker room, due in part to situations exactly like this (transcription via PW Torch):

"I've talked to a couple of talents in TNA. Yeah, morale is not good. No one knew anything. It's okay at times you got to kayfabe the locker room so it doesn't leak out the Internet - for shock & awe moments. That's okay. Maybe they went up to guys like your top guys and told them, but I don't know if they did. I think you have to keep morale at a high level. And I think by doing that - kayfabing the locker room that's usually confused and doesn't know what's going on because you don't tell them - that doesn't help morale.

"Unfortunately, I got to say this. I don't think TNA feels they are obligated to tell their locker room. I don't agree with them, because I've heard that behind-the-scenes while I was there. 'Why do we have to tell them? Just show up for work. Do your job. And, whatever happens happens.' Yeah, I understand that. There is some truth to that. But, that's not going to help morale. If you're going to treat guys like machines and not pull people aside and let people know ... I think you have to share that with them. ... It's cool that secrets can still happen and things can be kept quiet. But, some people get insulted. And your locker room, when morale is not great and the locker room feels like they got kicked in the nuts, I don't think that's too smart. But, you can fix that with a typical, simple group meeting getting your locker room together. But, that's TNA's business."

What's more, Taz reveals that he heard executives at Destination America weren't told about Jarrett coming in, though that's not confirmed but definitely sounds like something TNA would do.

And while the company just celebrated 13 years in business, longer than even WCW was able to last, far too much of that time has been spent dealing with reports like this of low locker room morale.

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