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Jeff Jarrett returns to TNA, plugs Global Force Wrestling heavily on Impact

In the latest chapter in the crazy book of TNA's history, Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA tonight to announce that he will wrestle at Slammiversary in the King of the Mountain main event match, heavily plugging his own Global Force Wrestling promotion in the process.

Jeff Jarrett: King of the TNA mountain again?
Jeff Jarrett: King of the TNA mountain again?

As my colleague Geno Mrosko reported earlier today, for the last couple of days Jeff Jarrett had been heavily teasing that his promotion Global Force Wrestling was on the verge of signing a big deal.

It now seems likely that he was alluding to his appearance on TNA Impact tonight with his wife Karen, where he announced that he would wrestle at Slammiversary in the King of the Mountain main event match, whilst heavily plugging his own GFW promotion. In their promo together, the couple pushed how this opportunity would allow Jeff to leave TNA properly on his own terms, wrestle one last match for the company and make things right with everyone.

Further evidence that major changes may be afoot in the wrestling world were other surprise appearances on the show by Vader, Matt Morgan and Lucha Underground's Hernandez.

Although publicly all parties involved are playing up that Jeff Jarrett's TNA comeback is a one week deal, privately there are a lot of rumours about potential sales, mergers and deals with Destination America that suggest that he may be involved in TNA in some fashion for a long time to come.

We'll update you on this breaking story as more information emerges, Cagesiders.

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