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TNA Impact Spoilers for May 22


TNA has been getting a lot of press lately and not the good kind.  They've preempted an Impact for a replay of last year's Slammiversary.  There was speculation that Destination America had buyers remorse.  Now the latest word is TNA is canceled as of this September.  And for fans of TNA, it's all a bit depressing.

I'd love to jump back into the storylines of TNA, which have been mostly enjoyable, while I still can.  However the fact the show is preempted this week doesn't give us that chance.  However, so you're not lost next week when Impact returns, I've found some spoilers from the May 22nd taping for those who plan to ride Impact out until the end.

I will note that while these were filmed on the show for 5/22, they may end up moving some of the matches to later shows. So it is possible that these may spoil shows that will eventually air.  You've been warned.


I found these at WrestlingNewsWorld, who is very detailed.  I will not be as detailed, but instead stick to the main points.  Here's what transpired at this show:

-The Wolves defeat the Dirty Heels to go up 2-0 in the Best of Five tag title series

-Ethan Carter III defeats Ken Anderson while Tyrus looks on in a cage at ringside.  EC3 refuses to shake Anderson's hand afterwards

-Former TNA star the Pope D'Angelo Dinero returns as Josh Matthews color guy

-Rockstar Spud is the last man standing in a six way X-Division elimination match featuring Spud/Manik/Tigre Uno/Crazzy Steve/Mandrews/Argo (who is from AAA)

-Before a match with DJ Z, Jessie Godderz takes claim for the success of the BroMans.  DJ Z claims Jessie was nothing before he met Robbie.  Jessie defeats DJ Z in their match

-Magnus defeats Khoya

-Kurt Angle defeats Eric Young in a World Title I Quit match with the Ankle Lock

-Kenny King retains the X-Divison Title over Micah of the Rising.

-Marti Bell defeats Rebel

-Bram defeats Bobby Roode with a low blow and a roll up


Well there you have it.  They could make it onto other shows, but I'm upset that I'm missing the second match of the Wolves/Dirty Heels series.  And while EC3/Anderson and Eric Young/Angle weren't my favorite stories, I would have liked to see the endings.  What are you most upset about missing?

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