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Report: Destination America cancels all TNA programming

On the very same night one of the biggest stars in the history of TNA made his debut for WWE at the NXT Takoever: Unstoppable show in Orlando, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) published a report that Destination America has cancelled all TNA programming.

A quick breakdown of what's happening:

  • TNA programming will continue to air until around late September or so, which would be the end of the third quarter.
  • This was supposed to be kept a secret because it doesn't do anyone any good to know this far ahead of time that the promotion is dead in the water.
  • The decision was made because Destination America wasn't satisfied with the ratings. Viewers were good for the station average but not good enough to justify how much money they were spending on it.
  • Advertising was also an issue, as pro wrestling continues to struggle on that front. TNA does not have the luxury WWE does in the sense that the USA Network pays for the programming that delivers strong enough ratings to keep them the number one rated cable network in prime time, which they can use to sell advertising on without even mentioning pro wrestling.

This could very well signal the end of TNA. The number two spot in pro wrestling, at least as far as promotions go, looks to be wide open once more.

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