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TNA Impact preempted for Slammiversary 2014 this Friday amidst reports of issues with Destination America

For those looking forward to watching TNA Impact this Friday, in the words of a known British King, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you.  TNA is preempting Impact for a replay of Slammiversary from last year.

According to Dave Meltzer at the, Destination America made this decision so that the ratings don't take a dive over Memorial Day weekend.  Apparently, the show has been taped but will not air in the states.

This news even had the TNA twitter confused, which tweeted the below last night.

However, they deleted it within a few hours, pretty much confirming there won't be an answer to whether or not Eric Young went to far.

Even though the Slammiversary show was quite good (our own Geno Mrosko graded it an A-), randomly skipping a show, possibly at the Network's whim, gives the feeling of disarray.  Plus storytelling will feel disjointed if there is one step of plot advancement that the US audience doesn't get to see.  There is nothing out there reporting or implying that they are planning to air the show at another time.

Even more worrisome news from the Meltzer report is that Destination America is having "buyers remorse" and has an "Out Clause" they can exercise this September.  Whether they will or not, or whether that rumor is even true, remains to be seen.  TNA may be worried about it, but not worried enough to delay booking their yearly European tour for 2016. While Impact only hovers at around 400,000 viewers, it's still one of the higher rated shows on Destination America.

I will post the spoilers from the preempted show this week as soon as I know for sure the show isn't being aired at a later date.

What do you all think?  Are you going to check out last year's Slammiversary replay?  Or are you taking a week off from TNA?

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