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TNA Impact Preview (May 15, 2015): Going Hardcore ... Yet Again

TNA Impact Twitter

TNA is back in the Impact Zone, following up their live show last week by continuing what that show has set in motion. Even though this show isn't as promoted as their live show, TNA already has a lot filling its plate.

Here's what's to expect tonight:

1)  Hardcore War:  Team Young vs Team Angle

Apparently the Kurt Angle/Eric Young feud that felt like it ended last week (and should have ended last week) when Angle defeated Young to retain his title is not over.  Why?  You've got me.  It's just not.

Here's how this match works:  Each man has four other members on their team.  Each man gets his own weapon.  It starts with two men in the ring for 90 seconds and then another man enters alternating from each team.  When all ten men are in the ring, the match can then be decided by pinfall or submission.

As of now, no team members have been announced.  It would make sense for the MVP's BDC to side with Young and Drew Galloway's Rising (and likely Chris Melendez) to join Angle.  An even bigger question than "Who will be involved?" is "How will this not be a cluster muck?"  You'll just have to tune in to find out!

2)  The Dirty Heels fave the Wolves in the first of the Best of 5 series

Last week, after Matt Hardy was forced to relinquish the tag championships due to his brother's injury, both the Dirty Heels and the Wolves lay claim to the title of best tag team.  So how do they decide it?  A Hardcore War?  I think not.  Instead some of the best in-ring performers in TNA are going to have a best of 5 series to crown new champions.

That starts tonight and it should be awesome.

3)  Magnus addresses the situation with James Storm

For at least a month now, James Storm has be manipulating his way between Mickie James and her fiancé Magnus.  It started when he convinced her not to retire and become a stay at home mom.  Last week he gave Mickie a guitar for Mother's Day; however, when he said that "Uncle James" had a president for their new born baby as well, Magnus smashed said guitar over the head of Storm.  That move has driven Mickie James even further away from her son's father.

Hopefully, whatever Magnus says doesn't make him come off like any more a jerk than he has in this feud.  And hopefully it'll finally move this meandering story forward.

4)  Brooke and Rebel face Jade and Marti Bell of the Doll House

The Doll House has become the top (well.. only) heel stable in the Knock Outs division.   Taryn Terrell has the KO's title and her partner's in crime have helped her keep it.  An early victim of the Doll House was Brooke, who could not overcome the numbers to win the Knock Outs championship.  Rebel, on the other hand, has not been seen since the Menagerie faded into nothing.

Speaking of the Menagrerie, there's no word on how they are paying off damages from that flood since none of them seem to wrestle and probably don't get their paychecks when they do.

5)  The BroMans address their breakup.

It's a sad day.  The BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) are official done.  The team was once a well oiled machine.  Yes a well oiled machine that never won, but well oiled none-the-less.  But when they faced the Dirty Heels a month ago, they abruptly fell apart, ending TNA's best comedic act.

Hopefully we learn that these two will have a fun feud for a little bit before going their separate ways.  More importantly, we could find out who gets custody of DJ Z.  While this show looks like it's going to be heavy on the talking segments, the BroMans have always been charmingly stupid so this should be entertaining.

(What's it say for the Magnus/Storm feud that the talking segment involving the comedic BroMans is more anticipated than their serious feud?)


With all of this already advertised, it does not leave much room for much else.  EC3 will likely be represented on the show one way or another since he looks to be the next #1 Contender.  It would be nice if the X-Division title was addressed as well.

TNA Impact will air tonight on Destination America at 9 EST.  Who's watching?

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