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TNA news: Dixie Carter finally pays her production staff!

After three months, Dixie Carter finally paid TNA's production staff for the One Night Only specials taped in February. Otherwise, they would have walked out the "live" TNA Impact television tapings last Friday night.

Dixie Carter: Never made Hulk Hogan take a lie detector test.
Dixie Carter: Never made Hulk Hogan take a lie detector test.
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

As we reported last month, TNA had payroll issues in early April which prevented the company from paying both their wrestlers and production staff on time. Thankfully, the company's performers got their paychecks shortly after the news leaked that they hadn't received them on time, but their production team wasn't so lucky, as they hadn't been paid before they came to work for the "liveTNA Impact television tapings last Friday night.

However, according to Dave Meltzer on his radio show over the weekend, Dixie Carter had no choice but to pay them on the day of the tapings because otherwise they would have walked out, and that she counted on them showing up for work because if they didn't, then they knew they wouldn't have got paid.

A very similar confrontation with the exact same conclusion happened almost a year to the day, as we reported in our daily rumor round-up report for May 13th, 2014:

"Word on the dirt screens is that TNA's production staff threatened to walk out of a recent TV taping if they weren't paid money owed to them by the company. The situation was reported to be tense for several days before the company finally cut checks for everyone. It's also being said that money is extremely tight around TNA for the time being."

Expect the same thing to happen next year when TNA tapes their eight One Night Only pay-per-view specials for 2016, as this company has a track record of failing to learn from its mistakes.

No word on whether Dixie Carter would have liked her production staff to take lie detector tests before stumping up the cash so she could find out the loose-lipped culprits who complained to Brian Fritz about the delays in paying them this spring and fire their asses. Because, after all, it's the fault of the whistleblowers that TNA has such a bad name in the entertainment industry for dragging their feet on paying their freelance personnel, not the Carter family for allowing such pay issues to occur.

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