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Kurt Angle is only wrestling for one more year - unless WWE calls

In advance of his World title match against Bobby Lashley on the next episode of Impact Wrestling tomorrow (March 20, 2015), Kurt Angle was Ariel Helwani's guest on The MMA Hour over at our fellow SBNation site, MMA Fighting.

The mixed martial arts journalist and the former Olympic grappler did work in a few a few pro wrestling topics during the approximately twenty minute interview.  And as is often the case with the 46 year old Angle, that talk centered around his legacy, and the two promotions with whom he's spent almost his entire professional career.

While he doesn't come flat out and say it, his reasons for deciding to stay with TNA don't contradict the prevailing rumor from last fall that WWE would not offer him a part-time, reduced workload contract along the lines of what Brock Lesnar or The Rock have had in recent years:

They gave me everything I wanted and more, and that's why I stayed. They were very loyal. I can't do enough to repay them. The old man can still go, but not as many nights per year.

Helwani also got him to talk about the future.  In so doing, Kurt reflected a little on the past, and reiterated that he thinks he's done his best work for Dixie Carter, even if he thinks his legacy is more closely tied to working for Vince McMahon.  Angle also repeats his mantra that the deal he signed with TNA in December of last year is his last as an active competitor...unless WWE changes their mind:

If I do go one more year, I'll hang it up. Where I am now, I'm happy going out the way I'm doing it. I've had a great career in WWE and TNA. I can honestly say I've had a better career in TNA. If I decide to go to WWE next year, that will be my last year, but I'm happy where I'm at.

Interesting that he talks about a return to WWE as his decision. Many industry insiders maintain that Angle would never pass a company physical, while other rumors put him on either Triple H or Vince's $#!+list for not observing the chain of command while lobbying for a new contract.  Does he mean that he would sign a full-time deal with the 'E in order to end his career with the biggest company in the business?

His comments to Helwani ensure that we'll keep speculating on it, which he and both TNA & WWE know is good business.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Is Kurt just wishing out loud, or is there still hope for one last run with WWE?

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