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TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for January 16 & 23, 2015 on Destination America

TNA taped what will most likely be the bulk of their first two Friday episodes of Impact Wrestling on Destination America, pending production work with the footage at the company's headquarters in Nashville.  Here's what multiple sources are reporting went down in front of a slightly smaller crowd (estimated 300-350 people) on night two of the new era:

January 16th

- MVP introduced the crew that beatdown Bobby Roode to help Bobby Lashley win the world title as...The Beatdown Crew.

- Eric Young isn't part of said crew, by was given a mic by the new stable to explain his actions.  He said that he gave Roode a shot while he was champ, but Roode didn't return the favor.  EY also claims that all he got from his "friend" was one text message the whole time in was laid up with injuries he got defending Roode.

- MVP put over the new champ, but Kurt Angle showed up instead to call them a "bunch of thugs". Samoa Joe stepped to him and that's the first match.  Joe beats angle after a ref bump and a low blow.  The Clan jumps the Olympian post-match, and Roode makes the save.

- The Hardys defeated The Wolves in what was said to be an expectedly good match.  James Storm and his group watched from the balcony.

- Young beat Roode with a piledriver onto a steel chair in a no DQ match that was said to be fun, even if some of their brawl through the crowd made it hard for the audience to follow the action (some reports had a "we can't see you" chant).  MVP came out to say that the former champ was going to hospital while the new champ was coming out for a celebration later.

- The Beautiful People beat Taryn Terrell & Brooke Tessmacher due to a distraction by Robbie E and his "former" girlfriend.  Awesome Kong came out and leveled the BPs and DJ Z.  Havok came out for a face-off, but officials split them up before anything could happen.

- Low Ki beat Austin Aries to reclaim the X-Division title with help from Kenny King.

- The BDC calls out Lashley for his title celebration, but the champ doesn't like how MVP is taking credit for all of his accomplishments.  After some tension between the two, they hug it out and agree to go their separate ways...but the heels jump Lashley and take his belt, saying it belongs to them.

January 23rd

- Gail Kim beat Havok, and Kong came out to stop a post-match assault by Havok.  They brawled briefly.

- Shera (their new Indian signee, aligned with The Revolution) defeated Tigre Uno while James Storm cut a promo about his match with Matt Hary.

- Feast or Fired match between Samuel Shaw, Magnus, Bram, Austin Aries, Crazzy Steve, The Bro-mans, Gunner, Spud, and The Wolves.  Robbie E got the first case with help from Velvet Sky.  Spud got the second, Aries the third and Magnus the final briefcase containing either a title shot or a pink slip.

- Matt Hardy beat Storm in what was said to be a good match.  Abyss attacked afterwards, but Jeff made the save before he could put Janice to his brother.  The Charismatic Enigma challenged the masked man to a Monster's Ball match.

- Low Ki & EY defeated Angle & Roode with distraction help from the BDC.

- Lashley came out to demand his belt be returned.  King came out to jaw at him and ended up in a match with the Clam at ringside.  MVP was wearing the belt as if he was champ.  BDC-erference triggers the DQ, and Angle & Roode run in to make the save to end the night.

- Officials announced that tonight's Lockdown taping is sold out.


I'm still trying really hard to reserve judgement until I see the finished product, but - wow- does this just sound like more of the same.  TNA could go a looooong time without another heel power stable (or Monster's Ball match), and it's a little disappointing that Angle seems to be back full-time instead of being held in reserve like a special attraction.

We'll see how it looks next week.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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