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Victoria wanted to punch Dixie Carter in the face

Lisa Marie Varon has wrestled for WWE under the ring name Victoria and for TNA as Tara.  She's currently a restauranteur in Chicago, and was Jim Ross' guest this week on his podcast, The Ross Report.

In her conversation with JR, one thing became clear.  Varon is not a fan of TNA President Dixie Carter.

When talking about her time in TNA (2009 - 2013), Marie (as Ross calls her) relays a story about a show they were doing in Chicago.  Varon took it upon herself to lay out $6000 of her own money to promote the show - seeing an opportunity to also promote her restaurant, The Squared Circle.

Posters went out for the event and rather than featuring Marie, another Knockout was front and center.  When she brought that up to Carter, she reports that all her boss said about her investment in promoting the show was, "yeah, I heard".

It was when she learned from several TNA talent who flew out early to do an appearance at her pizzeria that the company's office staff had sent messages out to wrestlers telling them to plug another Chicago-land pizza place that Varon blew up:

I remember Bruce Prichard go 'Lisa, Lisa, get in here' and I was like 'Oh, this is not a good time'.  And I went in and I told him, 'You know, I have never been disrespected', you know I go, 'WWE would never do such a thing...I lost six grand promoting this show and she's plugging another place'.

This is what I said to him - I'd never used the 'C-word' before ever in my life, I don't like it, and I said, 'The day I quit my job I'm gonna punch that C-word in the face'.

And then Bruce goes, 'You'll be doing all of us a favor'.  And I go, 'You don't like her either', and he's out of the loop all the the time and he goes, 'She's difficult to work with.  She doesn't know the business,' and I just learned how not to treat somebody from her.

And if you heard her say anything nice about Carter while she was still with TNA, that was just the company line:

I'm not a fan.  At the time I was doing podcasts for the business of course I was saying, 'Oh it's great to a have a female boss' and this and that, but everytime I said that I wanted to vomit in my mouth because I was just saying what I was supposed to say.

Ross tried to get her to comment on TNA's future and if she thinks Dixie will be a (or the) reason they fail.  She doesn't answer him directly, but provides anecdotal evidence from her business, which runs wrestling watching nights.  Varon says that they had to start instituting drink specials to get customers to show up for Impact night, and that this started around the time Carter began her on-screen heel character.  They currently only have a few regulars who show up so Marie won't have to watch it alone.

In mentioning a time when she found out that she was booked on a pay-per-view (PPV) via Twitter and had to scramble to book last minute travel, the former Tara compared Carter's company to Vince McMahon's:

WWE is very organized.  They have a department for everything.

They [TNA] don't have the means or the money for it, you know, and coming from WWE to TNA - it's a big step down.

She can be a bit hard to listen to - there are a lot of "you know"s, and people don't say things in her stories, they "go" and "are like" - but she's obviously a fan with a lot of experience in wrestling and small businesses, so she's got an interesting perspective.  Give the whole show a listen for more on this and her thoughts on women's wrestling, plus the usual JR outlook on current events.

What do you make of this?  Plausible, or sour grapes?

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