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TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for January 30 & February 6 (Lockdown)

Another night of tapings in New York.  Here's what we've got coming to Friday nights on Destination America in a few weeks...

January 30

- Bobby Roode came out in possession of the TNA title (how he got it back from the Beatdown Crew will probably be revealed in an outside the arena scene that will be edited together in production, but there are reports that the crowd was understandably confused, so they may need to work out how or if they'll handle major plot points like that in the future).  He called out Bobby Lashley to give it back to him, and they agreed to a rematch.

- Austin Aries revealed that his Feast or Fired briefcase is for the World belt, and teased cashing in.  MVP showed up to challenge the champ.  Lashley says Aries can keep his case and everyone gets their shot tonight, and fourway is set-up for later.

- Knockouts champ Taryn Terrell successfully defended her title against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

- Promo putting over Eric Young's heel turn by Tommy Dreamer.  EY shows up to say that all being a nice guy got Dreamer was the chance to be a fat loser from New York, and he's done being a nice guy.  Young hit Tommy with a piledriver and attacked a ringside attendant to get their chair to continue the attack, but Roode made the save.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in Monster's Ball.  Matt & The Wolves ran off The Revolution when they tried to interfere.  Hardy won with a sunset flip powerbomb onto tacks followed by a Swanton.

- Spud & Mark Andrews (British Bootcamp 2 winner) beat The BroMans.  The Brits were supposed to face Ethan Carter III & Tyrus, but EC3 switched it at the last minute.  He and his bodyguard assaulted the winners post-match.

- Lashley pinned Aries to win the fourway in what's been called a really good match.  Young ran in and took Roode out of the match.  The BDC attacked afterwards, but Gunner and Kurt Angle ran in to even things up.  A Lockdown match between Angle, Gunner & Aries vs. The Clan was set-up after Lashley said he wouldn't take a side.

February 6 - Lockdown

- Tyrus defeated Team British Bootcamp in a handicap match.  EC3 took out Andrews by baiting him out of the cage, allowing his lackey to pin Spud.  The heels tried to shave Spud post-match, but Jeremy Borash stopped that by cutting the power cord on the razor.  Carter chased off the announcer.

- Awesome Kong defeated Havok, in a match that's getting mixed reviews.

- The Revolution beat The Hardys to keep their tag titles.  Lots of interference, and this is where Jeff Hardy took the bump a lot of folks are talking about.  PWInsider speculates it's just a way to write him off from their upcoming UK shows, however.

- MVP, Kenny King & EY (who is in the BDC now?) call out Angle, Gunner & Aries to try to get them to call off the match before it happens.  A brawl ensues where Samoa Joe and Low Ki injure Gunner's arm with a chair and the cage door to take him out before the match starts and further give The Clan the dreaded NUMBERS GAME.

- Brooke Tessmacher beat Robbie E in an Amazing Race.  This was supposed to be a cage match, but Robbie switched it and challenged her to a race down the ramp, over the cage and back.  This was super-heelish because Brooke had a knee injury.  Tessmacher supposedly busted her famous ass selling the leg and hitting a rana off the top of the cage, but a lot of reports have the crowd turning on this segment.

- Roode beat Young in a long bout that EY bled for, but a lot of the reports say the crowd was not won back over from the race bit.

- Lethal Lockdown with MVP's team winning the toss.  Gunner and King started and Low Ki was next in.  Aries, Joe, Angle and MVP followed, in that order.  They played up drama about who or even if Kurt had a fourth, and finally Lashley came out.  The champ pinned MVP while his teammates had the other BDC members locked in submissions.  Everyone says the match had a ton of weapons use, including complaints in several reports about unprotected chair shots to the head.  Aries acted like he might cash in post-match, but then the faces made peace and celebrated.  The heels promised it wasn't over.

TNA heads to the United Kingdom next, and then returns to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios for the March tapings.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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