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TNA takes Twitter shot at WWE Night of Champions

Give Dixie Carter's company credit - like John Cena, they never give up.

Shortly after WWE's latest pay-per-view (PPV), Night of Champions, was in the books, TNA's official Twitter account took a shot at trending with a jab at the show...while trying not to offend smart phone users?

While you can't blame for trying - and, hey, they have succeeded in getting at least some of the internet wrestling community (IWC) talking about them on a morning that would otherwise be completely dominated by WWE - this comes across as more deperate than savvy.

The main thing is that most people who will see this tweet will also be aware of the fact that Impact Wrestling's spot on Spike TV is tenuous at best.  If you're planting a seed for fans to check you out in the future, you should probably make sure that you're directing them to where you'll be in that future.  Maybe the rumored announcement about their television future will be that they're staying on Viacom-owned Spike, but that would run counter to every news story in the last few months on this issue.

Another is whether or not they are overestimating fan outrage about the end of NoC.  Yes, there are those that feel they were deprived a clean ending, or who wanted Cena defeated decisively again, or wanted the belt taken off that carpetbagger Brock Lesnar...but this wasn't the "Big Show clocks everyone...WTF?" ending of last year's Battleground show.

And it's not like Impact or it's PPVs are any stranger to ambiguous endings.  Magnus' entire run with the TNA World title from earlier this year involved schmoz finishes that made him look weak.  They have made strides towards presenting a more compelling wrestling product over the last several months, but muddled booking decisions are right there in their recent past for anyone who takes this tweet at its word and looks to TNA for something vastly different than what WWE is offering.

Perhaps most disheartening for those of us rooting for TNA to succeed is that the company never seems to learn to focus on delivering their own product instead of comparing or competing directly with the biggest sports entertainment concern in the history of the business.

So good for TNA for getting some publicity from the likes of Cageside Seats, and having some iPhone enthusiasts wondering what an "Impact Wrestling" is doing in their Twitter feed, this morning.  Now get back to trying to craft wrestling stories so good that we're telling people not to miss them, instead of parsing misguided social media advertising for folks.

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