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Did Dixie Carter going through a table draw ratings for TNA Impact Wrestling?

A whopping 28,000 extra viewers tuned into TNA Impact this week to see the blow-off of the company's biggest feud of the year, Bully Ray vs. Dixie Carter.

Dixie Carter - hoping the extra 28,000 viewers impresses Spike TV!
Dixie Carter - hoping the extra 28,000 viewers impresses Spike TV!

This Thursday's Impact saw the culmination of TNA's biggest storyline of the past year. Finally, Dixie Carter got her comeuppance for constantly screwing over all the top babyfaces in her company and making their lives miserable in the process. Finally, Bully Ray put Dixie through a table after many failed attempts.

In an unusual decision, TNA decided to spoil their own show by giving away the finish of this week's Impact at the end of last week's show. Not only that, but they also christened Thursday "National Put Your Boss Through A Table Day" in the hope of creating a social media buzz around the "historic" table breaking moment. So did it work? Did Dixie Carter going through a table spike Impact's ratings?

Not really. According to Zap2It, this week's Impact Wrestling drew 1.411 million viewers, up just 28,000 people from the previous week, and in the range of what the show has been doing for the past month.

It can be argued though that holding steady was a positive due to slightly stiffer competition from NFL preseason games airing on the NFL Network and some local markets. Moreover, continuing their recent strong run of ratings should aid TNA in their ongoing contract negotiations with Spike TV and other stations.

However, looked from the perspective that TNA gave away for free the blow-off of their biggest feud of the year and heavily hyped that its end was indeed coming, the fact that it meant next to nothing for ratings must be really disappointing for Dixie Carter. She must now be asking herself whether injuring her back was really worth it for such little gain.

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