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TNA reports Dixie Carter suffered a broken back when Bully Ray put her through a table on Impact

Last night on Spike TV, "it happened". Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table on Impact, the culmination of a months long story that would serve as the write off to the Dixie character.

Now, is reporting Carter suffered a broken back taking the bump:

On further evaluation Dixie was sent to the Emergency Room at Centennial Hospital, where she was immediately seen by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and radiologist. Following numerous tests and scans, X-rays reveal and an MRI confirms Dixie has L2 and L3 Transverse Process Fractures, as well as a hairline rib fracture.

Although it aired last night, the bump happened back in late June when the show was taped. At the time, reports circulated that she suffered a back injury and possibly a concussion, so it's no surprise that TNA would report on an injury now.

It's also no surprise that a 49-year-old woman taking a bump for the first time would get injured when said bump involved a big fall through a table.

Watch video of it here.

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