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TNA Impact spoilers from New York tapings (September 4 & 11 air dates): Cry Havok, and get the tables

Night two of the second round of Impact Wrestling tapings from the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom is in the books, and we have the results for you...impatient bastiches that you are.

Xplosion match: The Bro-Mans defeat The Menagerie (Knux & The Freak)...I think the Knux family carnival is as dead as his push at this point

September 4

  • Bobby Roode and Eric Young meet in the ring to discuss their photo finish in the Six-Sides of Steel match to determine the #1 contender to the TNA World title.  They agree to a one-on-one match to settle the issue.  A line where EY calls Roode the "best wrestler in the world" prompted a CM Punk chant so loud that they had to pause to let it die down.
  • Taryn Terrell beat Madison Rayne with an Ace Crusher.
  • Chris Melendez debuted.  They're calling him "Sarge".  He beat DJ Z with a side slam.  The crowd took over a bit here with "We the People" and "We the Puppies" for some reason.
  • James Storm introduced his protege, The Great Sanada.  Storm said that Sanada, wearing new gear and with his face painted like his "old" mentor The Great Muta, would be the first of many he assists with a "rebirth".  Sanada beat Austin Aries when Storm shook him off the top rope, allowing his student to hit him with the green mist and pin him.
  • MLK promo where Montell Vontavious Porter put over TNA champ Bobby Lashley as the toughest man in the world, and said he'd soon be a Bellator champ, too.  X-Division champ Samoa Joe comes down to say Lashley isn't even the toughest man in the ring, and challenge him to a fight.  Kenny King got laid out first in the ensuing brawl, then MVP and the champ beat Joe down until security breaks it up.  Joe vs. Lashley is set for later.
  • Tigre Uno, Manik, DJ Z, Crazzy Steve, Low Ki and Homicide battle to determine the #1 contender to the X-Division belt.  Homicide wins pinned Manik after a Gringo Killer.  Sanada attacked Manik after the match and dragged him to the back...rebirth #2?
  • Rhino butts in on an Ethan Carter III segment.  He challenges EC3, but Carter puts Spud in a match against his former mercenary.  Spud acts frightened.
  • Bobby Roode defeated Eric Young to become the #1 contender to the World title.  Said to be a good match with lots of near falls that ended after a Death Valley Driver on Young.

September 11

  • Bram & Magnus beat Samuel Shaw & Gunner.  Shaw took the pin and acted crazy afterwards, Gunner calmed him down.
  • Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell have another classic for the Knockouts title, including a big spot where the champ hit a hangman's neckbreaker onto Terrell on the ring steps and won by Kim.  After the match, both women were laid out by the debuting Jessica Havok.
  • Aries cuts a promo on Sanada.  James Storm comes out with his charge, talking about his vision of a great army lead by him.  He says Sanada will be the greatest wrestler to ever come out of Japan - Aries says he wouldn't have even beaten him without the Cowboy's interference.  A-Double claims that Sanada is a marked man in Japan for turning on Muta, which brings out Tajiri.  The four men brawl before Storm pulls Sanada to the back.
  • Bobby Lashley beat Samoa Joe with a spear after a distraction by Kenny King forced Joe to break a sleeper hold.  Said to be a good match that featured all of the Samoan Submission Machine's signature spots.
  • Rhino beat Spud with a Gore.  Pretty much a squash, but included a spot where Spud had the upperhand due to a missed charge.  He called for Carter but EC3 didn't come out until after he lost, and walked away when he took Rhino's finisher again.
  • Anderson defeated Magnus via Mic Check.
  • MVP pinned Low Ki following what was described as a really good, really stiff match.
  • Three-way tag team tables match.  This was the stipulation picked by Team 3D when they won the first match in the series between the Hardys, TNA tag champs The Wolves and themselves.  Reports have this as another awesome match with each team having the upper hand for a while.  It was one by the Hardys after Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb that put Eddie Edwards through a table on the floor.  He and Matt got to pick the stip for the next match, and they picked ladder match.

Sounds like a lot of good wrestling.  Who's tuning in?

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