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TNA's Bound For Glory advertising suggests top stars will miss the show

Earlier this week, TNA issued a press release announcing the top names for their Bound For Glory pay-per-view on Oct. 12th, 2014 at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall, but missing from the list were TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode.

TNA's World Heavyweight Champion isn't advertised for Bound For Glory
TNA's World Heavyweight Champion isn't advertised for Bound For Glory

We're six weeks away from what has been traditionally TNA's biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory, and no matches have been announced for the show yet or even rumored, which is a trifle concerning given that TNA has taped every episode of Impact for September already.

Amidst the chaos of fraught TV negotiations and uncertainty about the company's long term future, booking the Bound For Glory card has clearly been lost in the shuffle and deemed a less pressing concern. However, that's left them in the rather embarrassing position of having only two week's television time to build up their version of WrestleMania. Plus, the stature of the event was inevitably going to be hindered by the loss of top stars like Hulk Hogan, Sting and AJ Styles in the past twelve months.

With tickets going on sale for Bound For Glory this weekend, TNA issued the following press release announcing the first names for the event, which suggests that many of the few big stars they have left will also be missing the show:

"One of TNA's most anticipated events of the year is just around the corner! Bound For Glory will take place on October 12 at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo!

Tickets go on sale THIS WEEKEND at the Korakuen Hall Box Office during the scheduled show from Wrestle-1!

Additionally, the following names have been announced for the event:
Samoa Joe
James Storm
The Great Sanada
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
And more to be announced soon!

Plus Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame

For the first time ever, TNA broadcasts from the Land of the Rising Sun! Get your tickets this weekend and don't miss Bound For Glory on Pay-Per-View on October 12!"

That's right, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode are all conspicuous omissions from that list.

Kurt Angle's TNA contract expires on September 21st and he's already turned down their contract extension offer point-blank, whilst going to extreme lengths to lobby for a WWE comeback deal, so his absence is not surprising.

Nor is Jeff Hardy's, given that he may not be able to get a visa to work in the country, given his 2011 conviction for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and conspiracy to traffic in a substance containing opium, after police intercepted a package on Sept. 10th, 2009, sent via FedEx by a wrestling fan filled with 262 prescription hydrocodone painkillers and arrested Jeff when he signed for his purchase. Japan has a notoriously zero tolerance attitude to illegal drugs and it is very difficult for anyone with a recent drugs conviction to be allowed into the country.

That doesn't explain why Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley or Bobby Roode aren't being advertised. It could be an oversight or another example of TNA cost cutting, but either way, Bound For Glory this year looks like it will be a glorified house show event, which is sad given the show's nine-year history of being the highpoint on TNA's annual calendar.

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