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TNA Impact results, live blog (Aug. 20, 2014): Six sides of steel!

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 20, 2014) from the Manhattan Center in New York City, featuring the very first show on Wednesday night in its new timeslot on Spike TV.

Scheduled for the show: A new number one contender to the heavyweight championship is crowned in a six-sides of steel match.

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- The show started with a "Stairway to Janice" match between Abyss and Bram. They broke out the big spots right away, with Abyss hitting a suplex on a ladder set up in a corner. Bram bled early. He took most of the damage, including a choke slam off a ladder he was nearly all the way up. He also speared a barbed wire table when Abyss side stepped him. After, Abyss tried to climb the ladder and was pushed off into another barbed wire table. Crowd was nuts for this. Bram grabbed Janice, which didn't mean he won the match but rather he could use the weapon. He didn't get the chance. Instead, Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam onto the thumbtacks. Before Abyss could use Janice, Bram low blowed him. He followed that up with a gut shot from Janice and that was enough to get the pin.

- Backstage, EC3 was asked how his time in jail was. He said it provided him clarity but those who are truly accountable for making his family's life miserable will be held accountable next.

- Bram and Magnus ran into each other backstage. Magnus got in his face and said Bram isn't better than he is and he'll win the world championship and then they'll see who's better.

- Ethan Carter III was out next with Rockstar Spud and Rhino. He brought up Dixie Carter going through a table courtesy of Bully Ray. The fans cheered this and EC3 called them mutants. He brought up wanting Bully arrested but instead Kurt Angle had him arrested. For that, he wanted to say "thank you" because it gave him the chance to think about everything. And he figured out who was really to blame for all this: Rhino. "Look at me with those dead eyes, that dirt beard, and that long hair," he said. Rhino threatened EC3 with murder and called him a bitch. He also told EC3 to take his money and shove it straight up his ass. Carter smacked Rhino in the face. The crowd turned here. EC3 attacked Rhino before he could retaliate and the beat down commenced, all while Spud was trying to bring an end to the assault. He was thrown out and EC3 finally finished.

- Samoa Joe was backstage and cut a promo on Low Ki saying he's at a disadvantage tonight because he's too self confident.

- The Hardy Boyz cut a promo backstage talking about what they have left to prove. Matt said they're here to prove they're still the best tag team in the world. Jeff said they're better than ever but they still have a lot of people to talk to before they can realize their vision. Matt said the tag team division is revitalized now with The Wolves, Team 3D, and the Hardy Boyz. That's pretty funny considering Davey Richards broke his leg, Bully Ray's contract is coming up and he's already said his goodbyes, and Matt isn't signed to a long term deal.

- They ran a video package hyping the Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki match. That was next. This is Joe and Low Ki we're talking about so the match was super physical and the fans showered them with "this is awe-some" chants. The finish saw Joe knock Ki down on the top rope, then pick him up for a running Muscle Buster and the pinfall.

- The Hardy Boyz went looking for Team 3D backstage for a meeting in the latter's locker room.

- Ken Anderson was interviewed. He said he's sick and tired of Sam Shaw because he's a creepy bastard and this is all Gunner's fault. Shaw showed up and called Anderson out for talking shit about Gunner behind his back. He demanded Anderson apology. Anderson agreed and apologized while throwing a punch. They brawled while Mike Tenay wondered if their planned "I Quit" match was starting like this.

- Sure enough, after a commercial break, the match was underway only they had made their way out to the entrance way and Anderson's music was playing. Before long, Anderson hit the Green Bay Plunge on the ramp. Gunner came out right after this and confronted Anderson, though he was sad about it and not really all that confrontational. So the match continued. The first time Shaw prompted Anderson to say "I quit", Anderson responded with "you quit". High comedy right there, folks. They continued on for a few minutes before Anderson locked on an armbar. When he cranked enough, Shaw quit. Then he had a staredown with Gunner, who was upset about the situation.

- The Hardy Boyz were shown leaving Team 3D's locker room. Team 3D was asked if they could let us in on anything. Bully Ray said he could let us in on a little bit and that's the fact that the Hardy Boyz had a hell of an idea to revitalize the tag team division. They just have one more piece of the puzzle and they're going to go out and see about it now.

- They ran a promo video from "earlier today" with Bobby Roode next to the ring with the steel cage around it. He talked about being the best and that meaning holding the heavyweight championship. He was sick sitting at home for seven weeks and tonight he gets the opportunity to make himself the next number one contender.

- Jeff and Matt Hardy were out. Jeff said they got back together because the fans wanted it. Then he led the crowd in a chant of their last name. He put over the great matches they've had in the past few weeks but they want to do better. They've got an idea to take their tag team legacy to the next level. They asked Team 3D out so they could "break this vision down". Bully and Devon came out. Ray said they heard what was said and they like it. He brought up creating history together and playing off the feuds they had in WWE without actually mentioning WWE. The fans chanted "one more time" at them. Bully asked if they wanted to be the tag team champions again before saying it would be cool to get inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as the tag champions. So as to figure things out, they called The Wolves out. Eddie Edwards got the mic first and put over the two teams, saying they're the best in the history of the business and that's what they want to be one day. Davey Richards got the mic and agreed to a title match at any time and any place. That was that. Wait ... what was the big plan then?

- They cut to an interview with Dixie Carter in her home. She was in bed, actually, but had on a ton of make up. Mike Tenay was sitting at the foot of the bed asking her questions. She talked about breaking her back when Bully put her through the table. Dixie said she was going to take this time now to focus her energies on business outside the ring but her promise is that we haven't seen the last of Dixie Carter. Dixie abruptly ended the interview and whistled for her husband to fluff her pillow.

- Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love in a Last Knockout Standing match for the Knockouts title was next. This was a somewhat sloppy match featuring a ton of interference from Velvet Sky. Considering the lack of rules in a match like this, I'm not sure why Sky and Love didn't just gang up on Kim and beat the ever loving shit out of her. That's not at all what happened, though. Instead, Sky popped in as needed and sometimes not. Kim was down after a Botox Injection but we couldn't hear Earl Hebner's count, so there was no real drama here. How do you have a Last Woman Standing match and we can't hear the referee counting? The finish was awesome, at least. Kim, with Love on her back, jumped off the top rope and landed on a chair. Kim got to her feet at nine and Love failed to answer the count. Sky was on the outside just standing there for this. She couldn't jump in and attempt to pick her partner up? This was awful.

- Kurt Angle announced The Hardy Boyz vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves in a tag team title series. Win two matches and you win the titles. Win your first match and you pick the stipulation for the next match. Because why not complicate the shit out of everything you do, right TNA?

- THE UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE was out next. MVP cut a promo talking about being injured but Bobby Lashley stepping in for him to win the heavyweight title. Three up, three down. Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, and Austin Aries all tried and failed. This was a strong promo from MVP that ended with calling Lashley the new king of New York.

- Main event steel cage match was next, Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young vs. Magnus vs. James Storm vs. Gunner. There was always a ton going on everywhere here. It was a clustermuck, as ol' Stone Cold would say. The finish was Young and Roode escaping the cage and hitting the ground at the same time. The crowd sounded like they were chanting "E-Y". The referees argued back and forth over who won as the show went off the air.


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