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TNA Impact results, live blog (July 3, 2014): Lashley vs. Eric Young

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 3, 2014) from the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, featuring a heavyweight championship rematch pitting new champion Bobby Lashley against the man he took the title off, Eric Young.

Scheduled for the show: Bully Ray vs. EC3 in a Tables match, Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts title, and more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- Kurt Angle was out first. He said we celebrate the independence of the country but tonight we celebrate TNA's freedom. "Welcome to Kurt Angle's 'red, white, and blue throwdown'. He brought out Earl Hebner, who came running down wearing a blue striped shirt. Angle gave him his job back and they hugged. He broke out a piece of paper to announce the card tonight. EC3 vs. Bully Ray in a Tables match. The Wolves vs. The BroMans vs. The Menagerie. Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love. Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley. When he was done, Samoa Joe came down looking upset. He got in Angle's face and wondered how long it would be before Angle was booking himself in a title match. Angle tried empathy in response. Joe laughed it off. They went back-and-forth talking about being pro wrestling and having fire. Angle was happy with Joe's intensity, saying it's who he wants to see. "Kurt, be careful what you wish for," said Joe, dropping the mic and walking out.

- MVP was backstage goading Bobby Roode into fighting him. It was a set up for an ambush, of course, and Kenny King arrived to beat on Roode. MVP picked at the scraps, choking Roode with one of his crutches while seriously saying the words "you think it's a game" and calling Roode a "dummy".

- Roode was telling Kurt Angle backstage that he got jumped. Angle apologized but Roode said he doesn't owe that to him, but instead Roode wanted to apologize. Angle asked the doctor if Bobby needed to go to the hospital but Roode refused and demanded a match. So Angle grabbed him and they went off to figure some things out.

- The Wolves vs. The BroMans vs. The Menagerie was next. Only The Wolves got a TV entrance. The match didn't go long and featured a few big spots. The Wolves went over clean.

- Roode and Angle found MVP and King. Roode was begging King to try to jump him again. Angle demanded they only fight in the ring. MVP ran Bobby down for "going to the principal and tattling". Angle booked King vs. Roode in a Street Fight.

- Roode vs. King was next. Because it's a Street Fight, Roode was wearing jeans with only one hand taped. Roode got on the mic beforehand and said thanks to Angle for reinstating him. Then he called out King, who walked out wearing a flannel shirt and shorts with MVP limping along with him. King and MVP planned on going down to break Roode's neck but Angle came out -- complete with music -- just to tell MVP to leave, which he did. Then the brawl was on. They went for a number of minutes killing each other around the arena, then they got in the ring and the bell rang. The announcers laughed about this. They had a regular match from that point, and it only lasted a couple minutes. Bobby hit the Roode Bomb on a chair to get the pinfall.

- EC3 was interviewed backstage. He wondered how many tables Bully Ray needs to go through before he realizes he'll never put a Carter through a table. EC3 is still calling himself the "Hardcore American Icon".

- They did an interview with Rood backstage. He put over Angle for giving him what he wanted and it being "exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game". King was first, then MVP, then Lashley. "The reason I was put on this planet is to be heavyweight champion. I did it once, and I'll be damn sure to do it again."

- Austin Aries sat down to meet with Angle. Aries put himself over and then asked for an X Division title match, one he hoped to parlay into a heavyweight title match at Destination X. So Angle granted it because, well, I don't know. Angle said they need to have a match one day to see who really is the greatest wrestler alive. Aries agreed with it.

- Brittany was in the ring saying she had something she really needs to get off her chest. She called out Madison Rayne, who answered the call. Rayne grabbed a mic and demanded a referee come out so they could just have a match and settle it once and for all. Brittany stopped her and said Madison was right and she's sorry. The Knockouts division is difficult to navigate and she just lost her way. Brittany apologized again. Rayne accepted it and they hugged. At that point, Brittany said the lesson she learned is never to meet your heroes because they only disappoint. Then she attacked her. I think this is supposed to be a heel turn but it's been terribly executed.

- Bully Ray cut a promo on a staircase talking about EC3 proving he was tough at Slammiversary when he showed he could hang in a Texas Death Match. But if it wasn't for Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter, EC3 would have never walked out alive.

- MVP and Lashley were backstage and the former was propping up the latter as someone who will become one of the greatest champions in TNA history. He wondered why Kurt Angle was throwing "a gazelle to a lion" in regards to the Young vs. Lashley match tonight.

- Bully Ray vs. EC3 in a Tables match was next. Fans were chanting for tables after Ray threw his first punch. They had a back-and-forth match with Bully in control for most of it. As he was setting up to win, Rockstar Spud came out and gave him a low blow. The heels took control and were about to finish the job when Rhino's music hit. He ran down and acted like he was going to Gore Spud before he turned around and laid out Bully. EC3 took advantage, putting Ray through a table to get the victory.

- Roode was backstage talking to Young. Roode was giving Young a pep talk. EY was quiet. Bobby wanted to know why and Young recited a number of facts, that Lashley is a former MMA fighter, he served for the country, and he's 3-0 against Young. Roode asked for the facts on Young, so Eric recited those too. He was pumped by the end of the segment.

- Rhino did an interview backstage saying he doesn't owe anybody anything and sometimes he just does things because he wants to.

- They ran a video package on Samuel Shaw. They showed him in his padded cell, pacing around while thinking about everything that's happened during his time in TNA. Then they showed a clip from "earlier today" showing Shaw with Gunner. He's got a weird thin line beard now. They immediately ran into Ken Anderson. "You gotta be freaking kidding me," he said upon seeing Shaw. "I spent months getting his ass outta here. You're a creepy bastard." Gunner told him to lay off so Anderson asked for one reason to give him a chance. Gunner talked about having friends who were veterans who went through PTSD. Maybe they just need a chance. So he asked Anderson to give Shaw a chance. He agreed and they went into another room, this one with Christy Hemme in it. She was really upset upon seeing Shaw but was convinced to stay by Gunner and Anderson. Shaw apologized and said he got help. He hopes she can forgive him. He walked out. Gunner did the same. Hemme and Anderson acted unsure of how to react to all of it.

- The Beautiful People were in their dressing room with Brian Stifler. He was saying people said he went too far at Slammiversary. They sweet talked him, with Velvet kissing on his cheek. He was playing into everything they were saying because he's a mindless idiot, I guess. He said he demanded to be the referee in Love's match against Kim tonight. Velvet told him confidence is sexy, slapped him on the ass, and sent him on his way.

- Stifler ran into Angle backstage and he told him he's being made to look like a rookie every time he refs a Beautiful People match. So he sent out Brian Hebner instead.

- Knux was telling The Menagerie that they need to make some money to send back to save the family business. The Freak just stood there while Crazzy Steve acted Crazzy. Knux and Rebel walked off scratching their head.

- Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love was next. Love tried to get in good with Hebner early on but he wasn't having any of it. Still, she managed to distract him just enough to allow Velvet to do some damage when Kim was on the outside. A bit later, Velvet got involved again and this time Hebner threw her out of the match. Kim made a big comeback at this point, scoring multiple near falls. Love hit the Botox Injection with Kim on the ropes. Hebner started counting and Love stopped him because she wanted a pinfall victory. HUH?!? She put Kim back in the ring and, of course, only got a two count. Kim turned around and hit Eat Defeat, which did get a three count to win the title.

- Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley for the heavyweight title was your main event. They did an inset video showing Young losing to Lashley in three different singles matches. That's ignoring the triple threat at Slammiversary that involved Aries, but whatever. They put Lashley over huge on commentary. After Young and Lashley made entrances, Roode made one too. He was screaming at MVP while commentary said he was there to be in Young's corner. Naturally, MVP got involved early and was thrown out. Earl Hebner also threw out Roode. Young battled through the match to hit the elbow from the top rope but he only go a two count on it. He went for the piledriver but Lashlley countered into the Dominator. He hit the spear right after and that got the pinfall to retain the title.


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