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Report: Spike TV cancels Impact; future of TNA in doubt

Rumors started flying around earlier today that TNA and Spike TV were unable to come to terms on a new television deal and Impact, which airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, would be cancelled.

Now, TMZ is downright reporting that's what has happened.


Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the deal ... tell us Spike execs contacted TNA President Dixie Carter this week to break the news -- and the following day Carter informed members of her inner circle. ... We're told there's no bad blood, and Spike gave TNA such advance notice so it would have time to shop for a new TV deal.

This puts the future of TNA in doubt considering the company is only alive today thanks to the deal it had with Spike TV. As the report states, the company is getting roughly two months time to find a new television partner but considering the market for WWE when it negotiated its new contract with NBCUniversal, it's not looking good.

The timing of this is also interesting considering the situation with Vince Russo revealing he was working with the company by accidentally e-mailing a pro wrestling reporter, who reported on as much and spilled the beans to Spike TV. As it turned out, they were apparently kept in the dark on his still working with TNA, which was seen as a big problem because Spike TV reportedly "hates" Russo and didn't want him involved in operations.

Now, it appears both are looking for a new home.

Stay tuned for further updates on this story as it develops.

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