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TNA signs Brooke Tessmacher, Sanada, Sam Shaw to new deals

While it may seem as though TNA is a ship perpetually traveling through increasingly murky waters, the news isn't all bad all the time. Today, the company announced, via John Gaburick on Twitter, that three wrestlers have been signed to new deals:

Tessmacher recently made her return after several months away to deal with some health issues surrounding a botched surgery on her breasts. She's healthy now, however, and in the plans moving forward.

Sanada was X Division champion for much of his run with TNA until losing the title to Austin Aries just weeks ago. He still has a contract with Wrestle-1 and he'll be doing work for both promotions.

Shaw was repackaged as a creepy psychotic stalker who Ken Anderson sent off to the "funny farm" until Gunner decided he wanted to find Shaw's good side. That storyline is ongoing.

Happy to hear about these new deals, Cagesiders?

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