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Willow is gone, Jeff Hardy is back, and TNA has done it again

Last night's episode of Impact opened with Kurt Angle announcing the various championship matches taking place throughout the evening followed by a 20-man battle royal for a shot at the heavyweight title next week in New York. For some reason, Angle decided he wanted Jeff Hardy to enter that battle royal instead of Willow.

Here's what happened next:

So, really, TNA wrote Willow reverting back to Jeff Hardy just by having Angle ask for it. Can you imagine if WWE does this with Stardust later? One night on Raw, Triple H bumps into him backstage, looks him over, says "stop acting weird, man", and Stardust nods, wipes the facepaint off, and just goes back to being Cody Rhodes.

Hardy would, of course, win the battle royal by last eliminating Eric Young to a nice pop from the crowd in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, setting up a match opposite Bobby Lashley for the heavyweight title. Lashley even came out for a staredown to close the show.

However, TNA then released a video with Hardy cutting a promo on his victory and talking about a match with ... Austin Aries?

Aries, it should be noted, won the X Division title and all but said he would be cashing it in -- "Option C", remember -- for a heavyweight title shot at Destination X. Except that event occurs after Hardy's title shot against Lashley, something we know already happened thanks to spoilers getting out almost two full weeks ago.

So Hardy is considering his match against Lashley a foregone conclusion and already promoting his next program?


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