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AJ Styles on Talk is Jericho: TNA mismanagement, Hulk Hogan's embarrassment, Six-sided rings, more!

Tabercil at Wikimedia Commons

AJ Styles was a guest on Chris Jericho's wildly successful podcast, Talk is Jericho, recently and the episode dropped on Podcast One today. Unsurprisingly, the talk produced plenty of interesting nuggets you may be interested in hearing.

Among them:

- Styles reveals he was told "straight from the horse's mouth" that TNA had been so badly mismanaged that he couldn't be re-signed at the rate he was making previously, one of the biggest reasons for his departure

- TNA signing Hulk Hogan wasn't the right move because he never promoted the company while he was out doing press, something Styles believes was due to Hogan being "embarrassed" that he was working with them

- The state of TNA being something late WCW near the end of its run

- How leaving TNA was the best thing to happen to his career

- The differences working in a six-sided ring (it's stiff, hard to take bumps on, and difficult to navigate) against the usual four-sided ring

- How it's possible a few wrestlers have gotten injured taking the Styles Clash of late; essentially, it's not his fault because you have to hurt yourself if you get injured taking that bump

- Working in Japan against working in the U.S.

- Working dark matches for WWE and whether or not they'll ever come calling

There's a whole lot more, so be sure to listen to the entire interview below.

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