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TNA Impact results, live blog (June 5, 2014): Bram vs. Willow

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 5, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Slammiversary event later this month in Texas.

Scheduled for the show: Bram vs. Willow, Samoa Joe is back, another victim for Bully Ray, Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts title, and more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- Kenny King was shown walking through the back calling himself "Sherlock Homeboy" and looking for Samoa Joe. Then we got an overhead shot of Bobby Lashley and MVP looking for him too. They couldn't find him.

- Immediately after this, Joe's music hit and he came walking out to the ring. (Editorial break: Are you kidding me? So dumb.) Joe opened by saying "it seems there is an MVP looking for me". He called MVP out and right on cue the music was dialed up and here was MVP with his two cronies. That didn't take long. King said Joe was a whiny broad. Joe took his mic and asked if King was MVP's mouthpiece and if so, he should have kissed Joe's ass. MVP wanted Joe to just say what he had to say. So Joe started screaming in his face and you could see his spit flying everywhere, just all up in MVP's face. Joe was made because he trusted MVP. This is somehow all Seth Rollins' fault. MVP said Joe didn't do his job and Joe actually agreed. So he asked for a 3-on-1 handicap match against the UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE. Austin Aries interrupted at this point. Aries called MVP out for being scared. MVP said it was none of Aries' business. MVP decided to give Joe a match and if he wins, he gets to be a full time member of the roster, completely reinstated. But he has to face Aries. The winner gets to stay, the loser has to leave.

- Magnus found Bram and wanted to know if he was ready. Bram was laughing. Magnus tried to say Willow isn't "the daredevil pretty boy Jeff Hardy you know. He's the unpredictable, sometimes dangerous Jeff Hardy and he became that way after I beat him for the world title". There's some back story, I guess. Bram said Magnus was great at that time but then he got complacent and lost his edge. Bram wants him to pull the trigger again or maybe he never will. That would be okay, though, because it would just mean more opportunity for Bram.

- Bram vs. Willow was next. Bram was working stiff early. They were really pushing his vicious streak. Willow made a comeback and appeared to hurt himself in the process. He hit his usual spots after but so maybe he was just selling but he was the guy on offense. That was weird. Then again, it is Willow. They were doing replays after every big spot, which is sound in theory but came off really annoying. The finish was Willow missing on a springboard and hitting the steel steps. Bram grabbed the pry bar from under the ring after this but before he could use it, Magnus got in front of him. He took the pry bar and started beating down Willow himself. Bram was really happy about this, egging him on the whole way.

- MVP walked into his office and The Wolves were there. They were complaining about him being a snake -- "a wolf in sheep's clothing" as Davey Richards called him -- so MVP put them in a match against each other. Eddie Edwards said, "you are something else, man, you are something else" while walking off so MVP could call the production truck to let them know he just booked a match. Because they book this on the fly, you see.

- Mr. Anderson was backstage wearing cowboy gear and drinking beer. He was asked what he's doing and he just screamed that he likes beer, laughed maniacally, and walked away.

- Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards was next. The former had his ribs taped up in a big way. Kenny King walked out on the stage and waved. He was there to, as Taz put it, "make sure The Wolves" play ball tonight. King had a mic with him and was encouraging The Wolves to wrestle. Edwards ended up winning by roll up. King ran down and said MVP told them they need to fight. He berated them for a minute or two until they finally realized there were two of them and only one of him and they double teamed him and sent him out.

- MVP ran into Dixie Carter backstage. She wanted to know if he knew what he was doing. She said she knows a little about the contract situation with Joe and she doesn't think he knows what he's doing. He said he does because, in case she's forgotten, he's Director of Wrestling Operations. TNA has booked this so that doesn't mean a damn thing, so whatever. She shook her head as he walked off saying someone is going to get fired.

- Brittany found Madison Rayne backstage and apologized for last week while saying she's here for Rayne during her Knockouts title match this week. Rayne said she wants Brittany not to get involved. Brittany said "fine" and that was that.

- The BroMans were on Tinder. Zema Ion and Jesse were having a great time with it. Robbie E walked in and he was troubled by The Menagerie. They asked who it is that is giving him so much grief. He said it wasn't The Freak or the chick or the tall guys, bro, it's the clown. It's Crazzy Steve. He started talking about his childhood and a birthday party and an incident with a clown.

- MVP was talking to Brian Stifler backstage. He told Stifler he needs a winner and a loser. If there's funny business, he is not to put up with it. No count outs or forced disqualifications or anything like that. Stifler said he understood.

- Samoa Joe was interviewed backstage. He cut a promo on MVP. He said he vouched for MVP and then got screwed over. When he was done talking, Austin Aries showed up and said he saw MVP for who he was right off the bat and that's the difference between the two. Joe went home on his own but Aries was sent home. Now they're going to have a match where one of them will have to go home no matter what. They agreed they both need to do whatever it takes to make sure they have a job.

- The BroMans were in the ring. Robbie E was scratching his arm and saying there are two problems: 1) "None of us speak french, bro" and 2) "I'M SCARED OF CLOWNS, BRO". Jesse and Zema Ion tried to make him feel better. At this point, The Menagerie were introduced and Robbie E freaked out. When The Menagerie got to the ring Robbie E tried to play tough and failed. Knux said they're just like The BroMans, only they have Rebel. Some guys in the crowd tried to start a "she is sexy" chant. Zema Ion and Crazzy Steve went back and forth blowing horns at each other. Taz called it "a horn off". The Freak picked Ion up and just held him over his head for like three minutes. Meanwhile, Knux took out Jesse and Robbie. The segment ended with Knux yelling at the camera "can you believe I'm the normal one of this group?"

- Brian Stifler was backstage talking to Eric Young and Bully Ray. They were telling him MVP is trying to bully him. Stifler said he's gotta put food on his table, so he's going to do what he has to do and if that's not what's right for them, well, he's sorry.

- Gunner was playing Go Fish with Sam Shaw. The game was going oddly because Shaw wasn't looking at his cards but playing anyway. Gunner wondered if he was psychic. "You're driving me crazy," Gunner said. "You're in the right place for it," Shaw responded. Shaw directed him to someone to get something to drink and Gunner started asking questions only for Shaw to shut him down. They continued playing cards with Shaw never once looking at his hand.

- Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries was next. They went back and forth for most of the match. Aries put Joe in the Last Chancery and Eric Young ran down to pull Brian Stifler out of the ring to shout at him about doing the right thing. Joe got a submission and Stifler climbed back in again. So Young pulled him back out and Bully Ray ran down to punch Stifler out. The babyfaces apologized saying they were only doing what they had to. MVP came out and threatened to fire people. Bully told him he's ruining this place. No, this place was already ruined, Bully. "MVP stands for 'Most Valuable Piece of Crap' to me", Ray said. Then he proposed a match between the good guys and the bad. Young said it should be an eight-man first blood match. MVP started saying no, then King grabbed the mic and said the match is on. Bully was really happy about that because it means the match is on. MVP just went along with it. WHAT THE SERIOUSLY?

- Mr. Anderson was again show in the back slurring and wearing cowboy gear and saying he likes beer. He even proved he knows how to spell it.

- They introduced James Storm with old music but Mr. Anderson is who came out. He was working the cowboy schtick. Literally the most annoying thing I've ever watched. In fact, I'm not watching it anymore.

This is an open thread now. Enjoy the rest of the show, Cagesiders.

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