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Report: Dixie Carter injured by Bully Ray during powerbomb through table

Just yesterday, my partner Sean delivered spoilers for the Impact tapings in New York that saw the culmination of the ongoing Dixie Carter-Bully Ray storyline. I'll just go ahead and copy and paste Sean's words here (click here for the rest):

Dreamer and Team 3D came out with a table; Mo clocked Tommy but then Ray took him out. The faces cut a promo about Carter being the worst thing about pro wrestling and getting what she has coming to her. She tried to run, but the entire roster surrounded the ring and Bully powerbombed her through the table as the place went nuts. The entire roster celebrated as she was stretchered out and the crowd chanted TNA.

Surprisingly enough, they actually went through with putting Dixie, a 49-year-old woman, through a table.

Now, reports are coming out that, unsurprisingly enough, she was injured doing the spot. PW Insider is reporting that while Ray did what he could to protect her, a bump is a bump and she's suffering from either a back injury or a concussion. The Wrestling Observer reported today that it was a back issue.

It's worth noting that it's at least possible this is a work to sell the injury, but either way it represents the blow off for her character, at least for right now relating to this particular story.

For whatever it's worth, Dixie is on Twitter calling everyone "darlin", so take that as you will.

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